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What is the first thing happens when a new cell is produced?

what is the first thing that happens when the cell produce

Which part of cell divides first during cell division?

the nucleus divides the cell and this the first thing that happens when a cell division happens.

What is the first thing that happens when an animal virus enters a cell and starts to reproduce?

it reproduces

What is sea anemone reproduced from?

it reproduces by cell division.

How many chromosomes are in an asexually reproduced cell?

There are 24.

In the lytic cycle the host cell?

It is used to reproduced cells

Mitosis is a process by which?

cells are reproduced a cell nucleus divides

What happens to the cell in the interphase stage?

it is the FIRST stage in the cell cycle

Where does egg and sperm cell reproduced?


Name 2 things that occur during telophase 1?

One thing that happens to a cell during prophase is that the nuclear envelope breaks down. The other thing that happens is that centrioles migrate to the poles of the cell.

Which happens first mitosis or cell division?


How are cell structures reproduced?

Cell structures are reproduced in a five stage series of events. Typically, it separates a piece of itself or grows another piece of itself, before breaking apart, and finally maturing into two separate structures.

Describe what happens during the first stage of the cell cycle in a eukaryotic cell?


What happens first mitotic cell division in a testis or the process of fertilization?

the cell changes

How are body cells reproduced?

Every 3months ,your cell recycle causing your genes to change

Viruses are living organisms?

viruses are not living organisms. They simply attach to a cell and when the cell reproduduces the virus is reproduced with the new cells.

When a cell is found within a cell is the interior cell membrane inside the exterior cell wall?

The first thing is the cell wall then cytoplasm and the nuilices

What happens to a cell if too much water moves into the cell?

The same thing that happens to a balloon when you fill it up with too much water. The cell membrane is stretched too thin trying to contain the extra mass, and pops.

What body cell can not be reproduced in an adult?

I guess you are asking which cell cannot undergo Mitosis? Brain cells usually stop at the first checkpoint of the G1 of the cell cycle and therefore never reproduce. Some adults have found brain cells to reproduce under certain conditions.

What is the first thing that needs to happen before the cell can divide?

The cell has to have enough energy and material to divide.

What is the purpose of a virus cell?

I'm not sure that it needs a purpose beyond seeing that its genetic material is reproduced.

What happens when you write in a cell and you press enter on Microsoft Excel?

The thing you have typed will be entered into a cell. It may format it if the cell has pre-defined formatting. The cursor will move to the next cell below the cell you are entering something into.

What important thing happens during mitosis?

Another Cell forms that is exactly the same as the previous one.

How many cells are reproduced from one parent cell?

It depends on how the parent cell multiplies. In mitosis 1 parent cell devides into 2 cells. In meiosis 1 parent cell devides into 4 cells.

What is the thing typed in the active cell to start a formula?

The first character in a cell to indicate a formula is the equal sign (=).