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what is the five countries that experiencedaytime with the Philippines


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Annually, the five countries that get hit with the most cyclones are the US, China, the Philippines, Mexico, and Japan. However, since 1970, the five countries that have been hit by the most cyclones total are China, the Philippines, Mexico, Japan, and the US.

There are a number of island countries found in Asia. These include Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, as well as Indonesia.

In the Philippines a five ( American ) dollar is worth 200 pesos. Five pesos from the Philippines is not even worth a dollar in america. (Pesos are the currency in the Philipines)

10 ASEAN countries (in order of Join Date) -Indonesia -Malaysia -Philippines -Singapore -Thailand -Brunei Darussalam -Vietnam -Laos -Myanmar -Cambodia NOTE: The first five countries are the Founding Fathers of ASEAN.

what is experience curriculum Give five advantages and disadvantages of it what is experience curriculum Give five advantages and disadvantages of it

what is the five countries of Europe of Scandinavia

The top five economic problems of the Philippines are poverty, corruption, health care, unemployment, and lack of education.

Philippines is among the top five countries in terms of immigrants sent to USA annually. In 2013 a total of 54,446 Filipinos immigrated to USA. In 2006 74,607 people immigrated to USA from Philippines.

See the attached link for 5 star hotels in Manila, The Philippines. The Hyatt in Manila gets good reviews.

There are five regions are top producers of beef cattle in Philippines. These regions are all of the grassy ones.

Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, and Brunei. Taiwan is also a country that is part of Asia, but some people consider it as a part of China.

The five Scandinavian countries are Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland.

The five Scandinavian countries are Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

Enuresis, both nighttime (nocturnal) and daytime (diurnal), at age five affects 7% of boys and 3% of girls. By age 10, it affects 3% of boys and 2% of girls; only 1% of adolescents experience enuresis.

The five largest islands in the Philippines are Luzon, Mindanao, Negros, Samar, and Palawan. The Philippines consist of about 7,000 islands.

no there is more than five

There are no countries in Antarctica.

There are 11 countries in Southeast Asia: Brunei Cambodia Indonesia Laos Malaysia Myanmar Philippines Singapore Thailand Timor-Leste Vietnam Five of these countries (Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Timor-Leste) are considered island countries, as they contain no land on the landmass of Asia. Malaysia is sometimes mistaken for an island country, but it possess land on the landmass of Asia. 5/16 = 0.3125, or about 31% of all Southeast Asian countries are island nations.

The five West African countries that are landlocked are Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, and Burkina Faso. These are also called the five West African countries of the Sahel.

This question does not make sense.The fifteen most populous countries in 2002 were...ChinaIndiaUnited StatesIndonesiaBrazilPakistanRussiaBangladeshNigeriaJapanMexicoPhilippinesGermanyVietnamEgyptYou can also notice the five most populated nations on the list.

The first five missionaries in the Philippines were a group of people from the LDS church. The Latter Day Saints were followed by Baptist missionaries after World War II.

Below are five of Europe's many countries:ItalySwedenSpainCroatiaPortugal

The five major Asian countries are China, India, Russia, Japan, and Indonesia.

The five Asian countries with the highest populations are...ChinaIndiaIndonesiaPakistanBangladesh

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