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What is the flash welding?


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September 29, 2009 1:04PM

This is the process where you use direct electrical heating on the ends of the pieces to be welded and then forge them together. This type of welding process comes under the category of resistance welding and this process is commonly known as FLASH BUTT WELDING.By this process material are joined axially.the two workpieces to be joined are placed end to end on a same axis . a small gap is maintained between the workpiece and a very high current(100000A) is passed through the workpiece. once the gap between the two material reaches a critical value the air present between workpiece ionizes with a FLASH. this flash removes the oxide layer ( due to this oxide layer its difficult to weld) from the material surface and also makes the material little soft near the ends. Once the material becomes sufficiently soft AXIAL PRESSURE is increased to make a joint.

This process is used to weld sometimes railway tracks(Delhi metro track),automobile axle,joining blades of a band saw etc.

VOLTAGE <10volts , CURRENT = 100000amp , POWER = 200kva