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What is the flash welding?

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This is the process where you use direct electrical heating on the ends of the pieces to be welded and then forge them together. This type of welding process comes under the category of resistance welding and this process is commonly known as FLASH BUTT WELDING.By this process material are joined axially.the two workpieces to be joined are placed end to end on a same axis . a small gap is maintained between the workpiece and a very high current(100000A) is passed through the workpiece. once the gap between the two material reaches a critical value the air present between workpiece ionizes with a FLASH. this flash removes the oxide layer ( due to this oxide layer its difficult to weld) from the material surface and also makes the material little soft near the ends. Once the material becomes sufficiently soft AXIAL PRESSURE is increased to make a joint.

This process is used to weld sometimes railway tracks(Delhi metro track),automobile axle,joining blades of a band saw etc.

VOLTAGE <10volts , CURRENT = 100000amp , POWER = 200kva

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What is the difference between seam welding and flash welding?

seam welding has to be performed from one end to the other. flash welding can do the entire seam at once.

What is the difference between flash welding and flash butt welding?

Flash butt welding, a technique for joining segments of metal rail or pipe in which segments aligned end to end are electronically charged, producing an electric arc that melts and welds the ends of the segments, yielding an exceptionally strong and smooth joint. Also called flash welding.

What are the effects of welding on the eyes?

Flash Burn and Blindness

Where did flash welding come from?

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Would the flash butt welding of rails by the use of mobile flash butt welding machine can be called a railway engineering activity?

Yes, the procedure and specifications are covered in the AREMA (American Railway Engineering and Maintenance Association) manual Chapter 4.

How can one recognize an arc flash?

An arc flash is the dome shaped blue light over a welding spot and is very dangerous. You will not forget the first arc flash that you see properly as it feels like sand in the eyes.

Does a flash suppressor count when measuring barrel length AOW with a pistol grip?

Yes- IF the flash suppressor is permanently attached by welding or hard (silver) solder, and is not readily removable.

What should you I do for welders flash?

When you wear safety glasses or any lenses (not contacts) you will drastically reduce the risk of "welders flash". Its almost safe to say you cannot get a true case (wearing safety glasses) unless your really being foolish and welding without an appropriate welding shaded lens. -RedSeal Welder

What are types of welding machines?

There is, Gas welding, Stick or Arc welding, Mig welding, Tig welding,

How many types of welding?

TIG welding,MIG welding,plasma arc welding, ARC welding &amp; laser welding

What are the three common welding processes?

The three common welding processes are oxyfuel welding, arc welding, and resistance welding.

What are the differing types of welding?

There are many MANY types of welding processes, but the most common for metal are: Gas-Torch welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, Flux wire welding, and Stick welding.

What are the highest paying welding jobs?

There are many different types of specialized welding. Mig welding and Tig welding are only a few. More specialized welding, such as underwater welding, are the highest paying welding jobs.

What is the welding cert roster code for welding?

roster welding

Name of the type of welding?

One type of welding is tube welding. Another type if mig welding.

Difference between ERW and SAW welding?

SAW welding is a type of arc welding while ERW welding is spot or seam welding. SAW stand for submerged arc welding while ERW stands for electric resistance welding.

How do you welding?

You welding by gettinging a weldering and welding too thingings togetherings.

What are smaw welding?

smaw welding is sheilded metal arc welding

Why is welding important?

I asked you why was welding important

What is the difference between ultrasonic welding and radio frequency welding?

what is the difference between ultrasonic welding &amp; radiographic welding

What type of welding machine use in spot welding or resistance welding?

Mainly In spot welding &amp; resistance welding two type welding machines are used :- 1. Air Cooled &amp; 2. water Cooled.

What is difference between seam welding and spot welding?

seam welding is same as of spot welding.' Difference is that in case of seam welding the rotating wheel is used.....nd it is the fast process than spot welding.....

Which is better tig welding or plasma welding?

The art of welding has many shapes and forms. There is gas welding, stick welding, tig welding and mig welding. Each has its atvantages in working with various materials. It depends upon what you are welding and what you want to accomplish. For instance, welding rusty metal is usually welded with stick welding as the stick penetrates and burns up rust better than other methods. As far as I know, plasma is only for cutting and not welding. Tig welding is better for intricate welds and visual appeal.

What is cs welding?

CS Welding is known as Carbon Steel welding that is more beneficial and easy to use for welding purpose.

Is stick welding MMA welding?

s.m.a.w. shielded metal arc welding