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What is the fly to any route action replay code for Pokemon diamond?

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== == after days of looking I finally found it: here it is: 12068ac6 000046c0

2008-10-10 23:35:36
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Q: What is the fly to any route action replay code for Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get to route 224 in Pokemon Diamond?

you have to have an action replay and walk through walls to get there.

Is their an action replay code for skitty in Pokemon platinum?

No, but skitty can be caught on route 222 in Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum

Where do you get Ditto in Diamond without using Action Replay?

route 220

How do you hack Pokemon diamond version to get shamyn?

get an action replay for walk through walls and just walk to where he is which is just above route 224 :)

How do you get lugea on diamond with action replay?

on route 230 p.s. you can find kyorge there to

Is it impossible to migrate to Pokemon diamond without an action replay?

no all you have to do is insert Pokemon sapphire,emerald or ruby in to the gameboy slot when you are in the pal park (by route 221)

Action replay code for starly in Pokemon pearl?

starly can natrually be found on route 202, so no action replay is required for it

Where to catch shaymin on Pokemon diamond?

you need action replay to do this as you get a letter from professor oak to go to route 214 and then a bang happens and shaymin comes out of flower paradise

How do you get a Ditto in Pokemon pearl without an action replay?

use pokeradar on route 218

After you get the National Pokedex on Pokemon Diamond what do you do with the big rock on the end of Route 224 the one that is like a mirror. Can you do anything or is it just there for decoration?

its there for when you get an oaks letter but if you have an action replay you can get it using an action replay code however if you don't you would have to get it from a shaymin event

I have beaten the Elite Four many times but do I have to fight them again after I get the National Dex to get to route 224 in Pokemon Diamond?

you need an action replay when you get there you will face shaymin at flower paradise

Where can you catch feebas in diamond?

you can use an action replay and go to route 213 to catch a trainers Pokemon witch its pobably going to be a feebas you will want to get unlimeted master balls as well

What is in that mirror stone at route 224 on diamond?

That's where the Nintendo event Pokemon Shaymin is when you get the item to unlock it from the Nintendo event go back there and the professor will be there and you can catch it unless you have action replay.

How do you catch slowpoke on Pokemon diamond?

you can only get a slowpoke on Pokemon pearl. But, there is a way to get one. follow the steps. 1. get an action replay at wall-mart for $20. 2. go to 3. enter "action replay codes for diamond". 4. scroll down till you see '' steal other trainers Pokemon'' 5. type in the code on the action replay. 6. go to route 226 and fight the person swiming and she should have a slowpoke. 7. try to catch it.And wait you can also trade to get a slowpoke. GOOD LUCK!!!With your advice, I was told if you had an Ultra Ball or a Heal Ball, you can catch a Pokemon someone already owns, but Im not quite sure...ACTION REPLAYU cant get one in diamond u get him from pearl and trade it in diamond.

Route 426 in Pokemon Diamond?

Just to tell you their is no route 426 in Pokemon Diamond.

What trainer in Pokemon Platinum has a Solrock that you can steal?

first you need action replay 228 then go to route

Whats the code to get larvitar or pupitar?

I don't know about Action Replay or Cheats, but you can get a Larvitar in the grass on route 207 in Pokemon diamond, but not in Pokemon pearl. It is very rare and will take a long time to find, and you need a pokeradar to find it.

How do you get Phione using the action replay?

Pokemon Modefier. You can get it without the Action Replay. To get it without the Action Replay, you get Ditto (Poke Radar at the route between Jubilife City and Canalave City) and a Manaphy (I have no idea to get Manaphy, possibly something with Pokemon Ranger) and put them in the daycare. Come back and get them and they have made a Phione egg.

In Pokemon Diamond how do you get to route 119?

in Pokemon diamond there are only 200-230 routes. there is no route 119.

Where do you get skorupi on diamond?

you can get it at the pastoria great marsh. they're really rare to find. if you have an action replay, there is a ninja boy on the route to get to celestic town from solaceon town. you can use the catch trainers Pokemon code and catch it

Where to get a shaymin?

Diamond And PearlGo to the Pokemon league and walkthrough victory road using Action Replay and walk to the end of the route the walk across the water and the meadow. Keep walking and you will find Shaymin. Voila!

How do you get duskull with out an action replay on Pokemon pearl?

Use Your Pokéradar (obtained with national dex) in route 224 Duskull is rare

HOW do you get larvitar in diamond version?

you go on route 207 they really rare but trust me You could do that but you could get an action replay or buy a ds i cheat

How do you catch Shayman on Pokemon Diamond?

You Will Need A Action Replay Then Get The ShayMin Code Then Go To Route 224! well instead of action replay u have to finish the WHOLE pokedex so it might take a while or just use action replay of somehting if u dont want to do it this way By using AR. OR YOU CAN GO TO AN EVENTIN NYC OR TOKYO OR MABE YOU'LL GET LUCKY AT YOU NEAR BY TOYS ARE US

What rt do you get Arceus in Pokemon diamond?

Arceus is an event pokemon. The only way you would get it is through the event(which has passed). The only other way is through an Action Replay. Oh and also, he's not found on a route, he's found at the Sphere Pillar where Dialga was.