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The focus of Buddhism is to alleviate human suffering by leading sentient beings to enlightenment.

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Buddhism is structured into several different schools of thought. For instance, there is Mahayana Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, zen Buddhism, Nichiren Buddhism, and Pure land Buddhism.

There are no rituals in Buddhism. Infact Buddhism is against rituals. Buddhism is nothing but morality.

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Japanese buddhism has more empathy than Chinese Buddhism and Japanese Buddhism is more orderly.

-Theravada Buddhism -Mahayana Buddhism (Zen)

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While Buddhism and Zen Buddhism are very similar in many ways, Buddhism focuses on Nirvana and achieving Enlightenment. Zen Buddhism focuses more on dicipline an cleanliness.

It is a sect of Chinese Buddhism, derived from the pure, Indian Buddhism.

The type of Buddhism is PURE LAND BUDDHISM

Tibetan Buddhism is collectively called vajrayana buddhism.

Buddhism is the most peaceful religion in the world.The teachings of Buddhism are philosophical and enlightening.

Who established Buddhism?

Buddhism is not a language.

Some of the SECTS of Buddhism are Theravada, Mahayana, Tibetan, and Zen Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion, and therefor it has no "religions".

People pratice Buddhism in a temple People pratice Buddhism in a temple People pratice Buddhism in a temple

Thervada Buddhism focuses on the Buddha's wisdom, where as Mahayana Buddhism focuses on the Buddha's compassion.

There is no philosophy in Buddhism. Only the teachings of the Buddha are contained in Buddhism.[ See 'What are the important teachings in Buddhism?' to have full information. ]

Budha founder of BuddhismIf you're referring to Buddhism then it is the Buddah :)

Buddhism was found in India. Buddhism started in 6 BC.

no, Hinduism is not derived from Buddhism. Actually Buddhism is inspired by Hinduism.

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