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There really isn't a force that uniquely pulls the moon toward the earth. Gravity is the force, and the force is the mutual attraction between the earth and the moon. In a very real sense, the earth and the moon are orbiting each other, and it is not just the moon orbiting the earth. However, from our vantage point on earth it is easy and convenient to think of the moon as the object doing the orbiting.

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What force pulls the moon and earth toward each other?


What force pulls things toward the center of the earth?

That would be gravity. It pulls things towards the center of the Earth, including objects that are not on Earth such as man-made satellites and the moon.

What pulls the moon toward the Earth?


Earth pulls on the moon and holds the moon in its orbit the moon pulls on earth with an equal and opposite force?

Yes. The Moon must pull on the Earth with an equal and opposite force.

What is the force that pulls the moon towards the Earth?

The force is gravitational force.

What force pulls Earth and moon together?


What foce pulls the moon and Earth toward each other?


What is the name of the force that pulls a capsule out of its straight trajectory and toward the center of the moon?


What keeps the Moon from floating away?

The Earth's gravitational force keeps it from moving away into outer space. (* Gravity is a mutual force of attraction between matter, so the Earth pulls on the Moon while the Moon pulls on the Earth.)

Does the sun pull harder on the earth than the moon?

Yes. The Sun even pulls on the Moon harder than Earth pulls on Moon.Yes. The Sun even pulls on the Moon harder than Earth pulls on Moon.Yes. The Sun even pulls on the Moon harder than Earth pulls on Moon.Yes. The Sun even pulls on the Moon harder than Earth pulls on Moon.

What do you think would happen if the moon has greater gravitational force than the earth?

A single body doesn't have a gravitational force. The force only shows up when there are two bodies. It pulls both of them toward each other, and they both feel the same force. The force between you and the earth is called your "weight", and it holds you down. The force between the earth and the moon is what keeps the moon in its orbit.

How does the sun moon earth effect ocean tides?

the sun has a much smaller effect than the moon. the moon pulls anything toward it wherever it is over earth, which is usually ocean due to the fact that earth is almost all water, so the moon pulls ocean water toward it, causing rougher seas

What is the moon's gravitational pull relative to the earth's gravitational pull the moon?

The force of gravitation attracting the earth and moon toward each other is exactly the same force on both bodies.Just as the force of gravitation that attracts you toward the earth is exactly the same as the force that attractsthe earth toward you.

What is the gravitational force of the moon on the earth?

According to Newton's Third Law of Motion, the Law of Action and Reaction, if the Earth exerts a force on the Moon, the Moon must exert an equal and opposite force on the Earth.Newton's Law of Gravity implies the same thing, as its mathematical formula,F = G m M / r2,in which F is the gravitational force between the two bodies, m and M are their masses, and r is the distance between them, yields the same value regardless of which object is thought of as pulling on the other.m is the mass of Moon = 7.35 *1022 kgM is the mass of Earth = 5.97*1024 kgr is the distance between moon and earth: 384,000,000 metersG is the gravitational constant, used in calculation of the gravitational attraction between objects with mass = 6.67 × 10-11 m3/kgs2.Therefore, F is 1.985 x 1020 Newtons of attractive force between the Earth and the Moon.In other words, both Laws say that the force the Earth exerts on the Moon is numerically identical to the force the Moon exerts on the Earth.The only difference is that the Moon pulls the Earth toward the Moon, while the Earth pulls the Moon toward the Earth -- that is, the force on each object is toward the other object, and therefore in the opposite direction.

How does the moon causes tide?

The Moon's gravity pulls ocean water toward it while the Earth revolves.

How do tides affect the Earth and the Moon?

the moon is the nearest neighbour of earth and earth have gravitythe movement of the moon affects the tides of the earth by.........................a force called gravity, acctually the moon pulls the water from seas, oceans and rivers towards it by the force gravity which is in earth my english oh!

Pull of gravity on the moon?

The Earth pulls on the Moon, and the Moon pulls on the Earth. The Sun pulls on the Moon, and the Moon pulls on the Sun. Mars pulls on the Moon (ever so slightly) and the Moon pulls on Mars. Your body pulls on the Moon (hardly measurable, but it does) and the Moon pulls on your body. The Moon and Sun and Earth's gravity pull (and push) Earth's oceans, and the ocean "tides" are the results.

Is it true that moon pulls on the earth with one-sixth the force that the earth exerts on the moon?

No. Gravitational force is present between every two mass bodies, and the force on each body is the same.

What cause the moon orbit earth and earth to revolve around the sun?

sun's gravity pulls earth and earth pulls on the moon.

Is it true that the force of friction pulls the moon and earth toward each other?

No, friction is the resistance on a moving object that acts to slow it down, there is no friction in space. Gravity is the force that causes all bodies with mass to attract to each other, this includes the moon and earth. An example of this is the tides, the tides are effected by the pull of the gravity from the moon.

Is the moon held in orbit by the force of gravity?

Gravity attracts the moon toward the Earth, and the moon's angular momentum pulls in the opposite direction. With gravity alone, the moon would crash into the Earth, and with angular momentum alone the moon would fly away into outer space. But in combination, these produce an orbit.

Why does the moon orbit Earth in a nearly circular path?

The center-directed force of Earth's gravity pulls the moon into a nearly circular orbit around Earth. :)

Why does an object weight less on the moon than on the earth?

The force of gravity pulls every pair of objects toward each other. The gravitationalforce that pulls you and the earth toward each other is what you call your "weight".The strength of the force depends on the mass of bothobjects, as well as on thedistance between them. The moon's mass is about 1/80 as much as the earth's mass,so an object placed at the same distance from the center of each body would weigh1/80 as much near the moon as it would near the earth.But the moon is also much smaller than the earth, so an object on the moon is closerto the center of that body, and that makes up for a lot of the difference in mass.

What is the force that pulls objects down towards the moon?

The force we are talking about is the force of gravity... which we usually denote with small g... its value on earth is approx. 9.8m/s2 or 32ft/s2. The force of gravity of moon is 1/8th to that of the earth...... This is due to this less force of gravity that we feel weightlessness on moon...

What force pulls the moon and earth towards each other?

It's gravity. The Earth has enough mass to warp space and capture the moon in it's gravitational grasp.