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What is the formula and name of the compound formed by Fe 2 and Cl?

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FeCl2 . compound's name is ferrous chloride..

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What is the formula for ionic compound formed between Al and Cl?

Al is trivalent while Cl is monovalent so formula is AlCl3

What is the chemical formula for the compound formed from Mg2 and Cl-?

The chemical formula of magnesium chloride is MgCl2.

What is the formula for the compounds formed by Fe2 Cl?

The net ionic charge on the compound is zero. So if you have two chloride ions (Fe+ Cl- Cl-) the charges will cancel. Thus the formula is FeCl2.

What is the formula for compound formed between Na and Cl?

Sodium and chlorine react each other to form sodium chloride, NaCl, which is an ionic compound.

What is the simplest formula fro the compound 0.200 mole Al and 0.600 mole Cl?

what is the simplest formula of the compound 0.200 mole Al and 0.600 mole Cl?

What is the formula for Fe 2 Cl?

There is no compound like Fe2cl but there is Fecl2 & its common name is 'ferric chloride' .

What is name of the compound Ca Cl O2?

Ca(ClO2)2 is the chemical formula of calcium chlorite.

What is the formula for ionic compound formed between Ca and Cl?

CaCl2 because Ca is a +2 ion and Cl is a -1 ion, so in order to form a neutral ionic compound (add up to zero) you need two Cl ions for every Ca ion.

The formula of the compound formed when aluminum and chlorine bond?

Al+3 Cl-1 -----> these are the ions and their charges Al+3 Cl-1 Cl-1 Cl-1 -----> the charges have to add up to zero, so 2 negative Cl ions are added to cancel out the +3 Al ion AlCl3 -----> simplify Name: Aluminum chloride

What is the Formula for Be and Cl combined?

The formula is BeCl2. The name of the compound is beryllium chloride. It is a colourless solid at room temperature and is similar to ammonium chloride.

What is the chemical formula for a compound between Mg and Cl?

This compound is the magnesium chloride: MgCl2.

The correct name for the compound MgCl3 is?

Mg has a +2 charge and Cl has a -1 charge.The correct formula is MgCl2

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