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The formula for chromium III bromide hexahydrate is CrBr3·6H2O


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Chromium II bromide is CrBr2 . Chromium III bromide is CrBr3 .

Chromium (III) Bromide

The formula for Iron (III) Bromide is FeBr3

The formula for chromium(III) sulfide is Cr2S3.

The formula for chromium (III) fluoride is CrF3.

chromium (III) bromide calcium chloride OR iron (III) oxide aluminum chloride

The chemical formula of chromium(III) arsenate is CrAsO4.

Titanium (III) Bromide = TiBr3

AlBr3 is the formula for aluminum (III) bromide.

Tin (III) bromide, if it exists, has the formula SnBr3.

Chromium(III) borate has the chemical formula CrBO3.

The chemical formula of chromium (III) trisulfide is Cr2S3.

Gold (III) bromide has the chemical formula AuBr3. It usually exists as a dimer with the formula Au2Br6. Gold (III) bromide may be used as a catalyst for Diels-Alder reactions.

The chemical formula for cobalt(III) bromide is CoBr3

what is the formula for chro,ium (III) sulfide

Under still milder conditions, chromium metal reacts with the halogens fluorine, F2, chlorine, Cl2, bromine, Br2, and iodine, I2, to form the corresponding trihalideschromium(III) fluoride, CrF3, chromium(III) chloride, CrCl3, chromium(III) bromide, CrBr3, or chromium(III) iodide, CrI3.

The chemical formula of chromium(III) nitrite is Cr(NO2)3.

Cr(SCN)3 is the chemical formula for the Chromium (III) Thiocyanate. This is because Chromium (III) has a charge of +3 while Thiocyanate has a charge of -1. To balance the charges, we switch the 2 charges. So we have 1 ion of chromium (III) with 3 ions of thiocyanate.

Chromium(III) nitrate is Cr(NO3)3

The chemical formula of the compound formed between cobalt (III) and the bromide ion it would be CoBr3, if this compound exist !

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