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The formula for a hydrocarbon is CnH2n+2

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Chemical formula for hydrocarbon?

CXHY is the general formula for a hydrocarbon.

What is ethane's hydrocarbon formula?

The hydrocarbon formula of the chemical ethane is C2H6.

What is ethene's hydrocarbon formula?

The hydrocarbon ethene has a chemical formula of C2H4.

What is ethanol's hydrocarbon formula?

The hydrocarbon ethanol has a chemical formula of CH3CH2OH.

What is propene's hydrocarbon formula?

The chemical hydrocarbon formula of propene is C3H6.

What is the hydrocarbon symbol?

Hydrocarbon is not an element; each hydrocarbon has a chemical formula (not symbol).

What will the formula be for a saturated hydrocarbon with 8 carbons?

the formula be for a saturated hydrocarbon with 8 carbons is C8H18.

Formula for hydrocarbon?

Formula: CaHbWhere a and b are natural numbers

What is the empirical formula of a hydrocarbon?

The empirical formula of a hydrocarbon is the simplest ratio of carbon and hydrogen atoms present in a molecule. For instance, ethane - C2H6 - is the molecular formula, but CH3 is its empirical formula.

What is diesel hydrocabon formula?

The diesel hydrocarbon formula is C12H23. It is also stated that the diesel hydrocarbon formula can go anywhere from the formulas C10H20 all the way to C15H28.

What is hydrocarbon?

A molecule that contains hydrogen and carbon, but no other elements is a hydrocarbon molecule. An example of a hydrocarbon molecule is methane, with the formula CH4

What is the formula for the hydrocarbon with 21 carbon atoms?

Assuming the hydrocarbon is saturated the formula would be C21H44 In a saturated hydrocarbon the number of hydrogen atoms is equal to twice the number of carbon atoms, plus two.

Is Methane a fluorocarbon?

No, it is a hydrocarbon with the formula CH4

What is a molecule butane?

It is a hydrocarbon with the formula, C4H10

How many different structural isomers are there for a hydrocarbon with the formula c5h12?

There are three different structural isomers for a hydrocarbon with the formula c5h12. They are pentane, isopentane, and neopentane.

Which hydrocarbon formula is also an empirical formula?

CH4 is methane and a chemical formula and also an empirical formula.

Why is methane a hydrocarbon?

Methane is a hydrocarbon because it is composed only of the elements carbon and hydrogen. It has the formula CH4.

What is Propane?

A saturated hydrocarbon; an alkane with the formula C3H8.

What is Ethane?

Ethane is a saturated hydrocarbon with the formula, C2H6

What is the chemical formula for carbon and hydrogen?

The Chemical Formula for Hydrocarbon is CnH(2n+2).

What is the main formula of all hydrocarbon?

There are different types of hydrocarbons and can not be represented by a single formula.

Is CH4 a hydrocarbon formula?

Yes. CH4 is the formula for methane. The simplest of all hydrocarbons.

Is propane a hydrocarbon?

Yes. A hydrocarbon is an organic compound containing only carbon and hydrogens. Propane has the molecular formula of C3H8.

What is the name of hydrocarbon with 2 carbon atoms?

Ethane is the name of hydrocarbon with 2 carbon atoms and its molecular formula is C2H6

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