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cassé is broken in french :D

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a broken chain stands for the act of being free broken chain is a symbol of the french revolution denotes to the french people's freedom .the broken chain of poverty .a broken chain is une chain berise in french.

The word brick comes from the old French word, briche, which comes from the Dutch word bricke. That word means tile, or a broken piece.

There are several ways of saying broken heart in French.

The Broken Chain Is A Symbol Of The French Revolution.. It Is Used to Denote The French Peoples Freedom!!

couscous is the name of an Arab meal made of broken grains of wheat

"je voux sempre" is gibberish - broken French plus a word in Spanish.

A broken chain is 'une chaine brisée' in French.

No the word broken is not a noun at all. The word broken is both a verb and an adjective.

What is the french word french of Jack ? the french word for Jack its Jacques .

broken chain is a political symbol of French revolution

i think it's a french word i was reading a french letter and this word is in their and i no its french.

No, bonchule isn't a word in french...but "bonchure" is a word in french

No, bikini is not a French word. Although it was used in French.

Broken as in "The TV is broken." (does not work) = Slomanny Broken as in "The window is broken." (smashed) = Razbity

The word "word" in French is mot.

The Latin word for broken is: fracta.

The word 'broken' is an adjective.

Broken - Shavur (שבור)

The French word is (avec).

It is not a French word.

The french word for if is "si".

The French word for on is sur.

The French word for am is suis! :)

The french word for fishing is "péche" and the french word for fisherman is "pécher."

No, "pouce" is the French word for thumb. "Pollice" is not a French word.

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