What is the fullname of pein?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Pein's fullname is never revealed. Pein is really Nagato, and just an alias that was created.

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Q: What is the fullname of pein?
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How did Nagato give Pein the rinnegan?

Nagato is Pein, so if he was Pein, then Pein would already have the Rinnegan.

Who is Pein's partner?

Konan is Pein's partner.

Wh is pein?

Pein is not a word in the English language. However, Pein is the leader of Amekagure in the anime of Naruto.

Will Neji fight pein?

No Neji does not fight pein.

Who is taller Pein or Itachi?

Pein is taller but not by much.

How did pein get rinnegan?

Nagato give pein the rinnegan

Is konan in love with pein?

I heard that Konan and Pein make a great couple, but in Naruto Shippuden, Pein dies without Konan saying she liked Pein, there is no proof.

Is Kakashi stronger than Pein?

No, because Pein killed Kakashi, proving one thing. Pein is stronger.

Does Tobi kill pein?

No, Tobi does not kill Pein. Pein sacrifices himself when he revives everyone he kills in Konoha.

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What is Galileo's fullname?

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Does pein kill Kakashi?

pein sebosible 'kills' kakahsi