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Q: What is the function of pipe wrench?
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How do you use an internal pipe wrench?

It is basically the same as a regular pipe wrench except on the inside. It is sized for the pipe and has a toothed section that grabs when it is turned. You turn it with a wrench or socket. They will not take as much strain as a regular pipe wrench.

What pipe wrench is best?

i think Ridgid 31005 8" Straight Pipe Wrench is best.

What is a pipe wrench used for?

A pipe wrench, or an adjustable wrench, is used for any job which requires being able to adjust the wrench after inserting it into a tight or confined space, such as when attaching pieces of pipe together near a wall.

What is the difference between a wrench and a pipe wrench in construction tools?

A wrench normally has a fixed size head. A pipe wrench has an expanding jaw and can fit a variety of sized pipes.

Is a pipe gripped by a stillson wrench an advantage or disadvantage of friction?

is gripping a pipe with a stillson wrench an andvantage or a disadvantage of friction?

You should use what kind of wrench on a plated or polished pipe?

A strap wrench Or an inside wrench

What is an alligator wrench?

An alligator wrench is a variety of pipe wrench with a flaring jaw with teeth on one side.

What is a spud wrench?

It's basically a pipe wrench with a point at the opposite end.

How to use the word wrench in a sentence?

I tried to wrench the pipe out of the hole with all my might!

Who invented the pipe wrench?

The person who invented the pipe wrench's name is: Daniel C. Stillson. I googled it that's the only way I know :p

What are examples of Holding tools?

pliers , wrench , pipe wrench , vise grip , c-clamp

How many weapons in the original clue game?

knife , rope , wrench , lead pipe, gun , candle stick