What is the function of sodium in body?

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it helps to regulate fluids in the body and it also plays an important role in nerve tranmisson and muscle contaction. Functions of Sodium: * Cellular transport/ water regulation and blood pressure control * Nerve conduction * Muscular contraction (including heart) * Enzymatic reactions and metabolic activities
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What does sodium do for the body?

Sodium is an important electrolyte that helps maintain the balance of fluid in a person's body. This means that sodium helps to regulate the amount of water in and around yo

What is the function of sodium bicarbonate in the human body?

Make sure you're not confusing Bicarbonate (which is naturally produced in the human body by the pancreas) with Sodium Bicarbonate (which is not).. Bicarbonate ( HCO 3 â

Compare and contrast how different electrolytes-sodium potassium and chloride function in the body?

Na+ and K+ are both important in primary active transport - e.g. the sodium potassium pump. This establishes a voltage and concentration gradient outside of our cell membranes

How do you get the sodium out of your body?

Your body expels sodium in your urine. Your body needs blood pressure and sodium to push waste material through your kidneys and into your bladder. Then when you pee, you get
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What are three functions in the body of sodium?

Sodum is one of the predominate ions species in the blood. As a charged entity it establishes the resting negative potential difference betwen the interior and exterior of th
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Function of sodium chloride in human body?

Sodium is salt. Humans sweat salt water. Sodium must be taken in daily but receiving more than enough will speed up your heart rate. A fast heart rate is not healthy, it means
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What is sodium in the body?

a dehydrant it helps regulate the water level in the body
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What does sodium to to your body?

Sodium causes you're blood pressure to rise as well as causing bloating
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What is the biological function of sodium in the human body?

Sodium ions are necessary in small amounts for some types of plants , but sodium as a nutrient is more generally needed inlarger amounts by animals , due to their use of it