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Living in fresh water, a hypotonic environment, causes water to enter the cell of certain protists (protozoa ) and would lysis the cell unless there were a way to expel this water. This is what contractile vacuoles do. When the fill with enough water microfilament contraction expels the excess water from the vacuole and helps the cell maintain internal isotonicity.

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Q: What is the function of the contractile vacuole in a protozoan?
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What organelle helps move excess water?

A specific type of vacuole, called a contractile vacuole expels excess water from many fresh water protists.

What structure expels excess water in the amoeba?

The water content is expelled by the contractile vacuole.

Who has contractile vacuole amoeba or paramecium?

paramecium has the contractile vacuole yooo!

What has a contractile properties?

a contractile vacuole

Organelle that pumps water out of the cell?

The Contractile Vacoule.

Does amoeba have contractile vacuole?

No they do not have contractile vacuoles.

What organelle helps remove excess water?

It is Contractile Vacoule. Contractile Vacoule, a structure that collects the extra water and then expels it from the cell.

How does the contractil e vacuole help freshwater organisms survive?

Freshwater protozoan require contractile vacuole to regulate the amount of water in its body /cell because the liquids ,in the form of waste water etc ,present in protozoan are more concentrated than the surrounding freshwater water due to presence of different acid ,etc . As a result concentration gradient develops which facilitate the flow of freshwater from surroundings inside the body of the protozoan . If this water keeps on filling inside the body then it may lead to damage to the metabolism of the protozoan & may also lead to the death of the organism . Hence, a regulating body like contractile vacuole is needed to excrete out the extra water in the protozoan's body .

What is the function of the contractile vocuole?

A vacuole is an organelle found in plants that used for storing water and other materials(like waste).

What is the function of the contractible vacuole in the Euglena?

Contractile vacuoles are found in aquatic protists.They remove excess water.

What do contractile vacuoles in plants do?

They provide nutrients for the plants. Also help start photosynthesis.

What would happen to the paramecium if it did not have a contractile vacuole?

If a paramecium did not have a contractile vacuole or it did not work it would fill with water and lyse.