What is the functionsof the Golgi apparatus?

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Who are Golgi apparatus named after?

Golgi apparatus

Does a Golgi apparatus have a nucleus?

Golgi apparatus do not have a nucleus, but a cell includes nucleus and golgi apparatus

Are Golgi bodies the same as the Golgi apparatus?

The Golgi apparatus (also known as the dictyosome or Golgi body) is an organelle in a cell. The Golgi apparatus, and Golgi body are the same thing.Yes. The Golgi apparatus is also called the Golgi body, Golgi complex, or dictyosome.

Analogies for Golgi apparatus?

anagolies for Golgi apparatus

What is the role of Golgi apparatus?

What is the role of the Golgi Apparatus?

What is a synonym for Golgi apparatus?

there is no synonym for Golgi apparatus.

Why is the Golgi apparatus important and what is the job of the Golgi apparatus what is the Golgi apparatus made of why is the Golgi appparatus important does the Golgi apparatus helps us in our body?

The Golgi apparatus is involved in processing cellular products such as proteins and enzymes, and forming other secretions such as sweat and saliva.

What is the traffic director of the cell?

Golgi apparatus

What is analogy for golgi apparatus?

the Golgi apparatus is like the stomach for to also stores protein as the Golgi apparatus does as well but in stead for a cell.

Do animal cells have a Golgi apparatus?

yes animal have the golgi apparatus

Why are lysosomes frequently found near the Golgi apparatus?

because lysosomes are produced by golgi apparatus. so they are found near the golgi apparatus.

Golgi apparatus plant or animal?

the golgi apparatus is in both of those cells

Is there a Golgi apparatus in a eukaryotic?

Yes, eucariotic cell contains Golgi apparatus

How do you use Golgi Apparatus in a sentence?

The Golgi apparatus is an organelle of the eukaryote cell.

Is Golgi apparatus eukaryote or a prokaryote?

Golgi apparatus is strictly a eukaryotic structure

What is the Golgi apparatus up of?

The golgi apparatus consists of cisternae, vesicles and vacuoles.

What are cisternae in Golgi apparatus?

this are flattened sacs that make up the Golgi apparatus

What is an analogy for Golgi apparatus?

Letters : Post Office :: Proteins : Golgi Apparatus The Golgi Apparatus packages proteins from the ribosome and prepares them to be shipped out of the cell.

Is Golgi complex and Golgi apparatus the same thing?

yes!Golgi complex and Golgi apparatus are same thing.only two different names!

Facts about Golgi apparatus?

The Golgi Apparatus packages macromolecules for transportation inside the cell.

Analogy for Golgi apparatus?

A Golgi apparatus is like a person's stomach...stores nutrients.

Where is the cytoskelton located?

near the Golgi apparatus, (green, folded like Golgi apparatus):)

Were does the Golgi apparatus come from?

it is believed that the Golgi apparatus originated by invagination of the plasma membrane.

Chromosomes are typically found in the Golgi apparatus?

chromosome are typically found in the Golgi apparatus?

What does a plant cell Golgi apparatus do?

golgi apparatus helps in transporting materials in and out of the cell