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thrid to first

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Q: What is the furthest distance that a catapult has thrown?
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What is the furthest distance an object has been thrown by a human vertically and horizontally?


What are Trebuchet's thrown with?

Trebuchets aren't thrown. It is a catapult. It launches things. Many different things.

What is the furthest distance a dog has traveled?

what is the furthest distance a dog has ever traveld

What is the furthest thrown paper airplane?

23 miles

What is the furthest a man has thrown a javelin?

104.8m by Uwe Hohn (GDR)

Furthest thrown with a javelin?

Uwe Hohe throw 104.80 metres

Is the distance of a certain mass when launched by a catapult affeted by potential energy and the angle in the catapult?

To achieve the most distance, you should set your catapult to release a projectile at 45 degrees angle relative to horizontal plane.Higher stored potential energy doesn't neccesarily mean more distance. Distance of the shot depends mainly on starting velocity, which in turn depends on rate at which catapult transfers the energy to the projectile. A limit for that depends on construction of the catapult.

Which Australian Capital City is furthest distance away from Hobart?

Which Australian Capital city is furthest distance away from Hobart?

What would get pushed furthest a football or a javelin by wind?

Football thrown in a spiral

Which man made probe has traveled the 2nd furthest distance?

Voyager 1 is the furthest and Voyager 2 is the second furthest