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location # 27 - 10 amp fuse - red color

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โˆ™ 2007-11-20 01:15:54
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Q: What is the fuse number for interior lights on a 1997 ford explorer?
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What are the 1997 ford explorer interior colors?

The 1997 For Explorer interior was available in four colors. The colors are medium graphite, medium prairie tan, royal blue, and willow green.

Was green leather interior an option on the 1997 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer?

It was a vinyl material, but yes, you could get a green interior as an option on the 1997 Ford Explorer EB and XLT

Why wont the interior lights go off in your 1997 ford explorer?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but on a 1997 Ford Explorer I believe that if the gauge panel dimmer switch ( to the right of your headlight switch ) is rotated all the way up it will turn on all the interior courtesy lights when the doors are closed Also , is the " DOOR AJAR " warning light on in your dash to the left of the fuel gauge , if so either a door or the liftgate is slightly ajar or a door ajar switch is sticking , I believe that will also keep the interior lights on

How do you turn fog lights on in 1997 Ford Explorer?

On a 1997 Ford Explorer : The push button switch to turn on and off the fog lights is in ( the center stack of the dash , to the right of the radio )

How do you turn on the interior lights in a 1997 Lincoln Continental?

In a 1997 Lincoln Continental : To the right of your headlight switch in the dash is a ( panel dim ) switch I believe if that is turned all the way up then the interior lights will come on

My 1997 explorer key pad not working there is no interior lights coming on when you press a number and the remote is not working either or the driver side power lock isn't working can anyone help?

did u check the fuse in the fuse panel ? maybe a simple fix>

How can I turn off the interior lights in a 1997 Ford Explorer?

Just to the right of your headlight switch is a dimmer wheel for your gauge lighting If the dimmer wheel has been rotated all the way up , your interior courtesy lights will stay on ( even with your doors closed ) If your interior lights are on with a door ajar indicator light on in your gauge cluster , either a door ,your liftgate , or your liftgate glass is not closed or you have a sticking door ajar switch (Helpfull)

How come your 1997 grand prix GTP interior lights wont work even though you charged the car overnight?

If only the interior lights won't work, check the fuses.

Where does a T-10 bulb go in a 1997 K-1500?

Used for Interior Lights and Instrument Panel Lights.

How does the door turn off interior lights on a Chevy S10 1997?

Closing the door turns off interior lights on a 1997 Chevy S10 because there is a switch in the door jamb that closes when the door shuts. When the door opens, the switch opens.

1997 buick park ave has no interior lights all fuses are good?

Did you check the bulbs?

How do you adjust headlights on a 1997 Explorer XLT?

The headlights on a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT is adjusted using screws behind the lights. One is located on the top and side to allow for full control.

Why does the door ajar light and interior light stay on in my 1997 f-150 and 2000 explorer sport?

My F250 does the same thing. I think it has something to do with the door latching mechanism. I ended up taking out the bulbs. You can still manually turn on the interior lights with the switch up on the ceiling.

What fuse is for the tail lights on a 1997 Ford Ranger?

I have the same problem with my 1999. The tail lights as well as the interior instrument panel and the license plate lights are all not working.

Why do the interior lights come on and go off on your 1997 dodge grand caravan also chimes sound?

If the interior lights come on and go of and chimes sound off f on a 1997 Dodge Caravan there could be a loose connection somewhere. This is a common condition with the Dodge Caravan series.

1997 Chevy Lamina why does the interior lights keep flashing?

Probably a loose connection in the wiring or the bulb socket.

Where is the right kicker panel on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

On a 1997 Ford Explorer : The right side kick panel would be inthe front passenger footwell It is the interior trim panel , just in front of the front door , by the passengers feet

I have a 1997 ford escort sport When i turn on the head lights all interior lights go out?

How's your battery, is the car starting properly. Maybe the battery or alternator.

Interior lights staying on at all times. on a 1997 ford f150?

To the right of your headlight switch is a dimmer switch for your gauge cluster lighting - I'm not sure if it's the same on your F150 as my Explorer but when my dimmer switch is rotated all the way up it turns on my interior lights . Also if you have a door ajar light lit up in your gauge cluster , you probably have a sticking door ajar switch

Have pulsing headlight and interior lights on 1997 Grand Am Was told it's not the alternator Now what Any suggestions?

wiring problem

Does a 1997 Buick LaSabre have a inside button to open the trunk?

Yes, the button is located below the dimmer slider for the interior lights.

What fuse number is for the cigarette lighter on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

According to the owner's manual it is # 17 fuse / a 25 amp fuse / for the cigarette lighter on your 1997 Ford Explorer (Helpfull)

Where can you find a wiring diagram for a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Need More InformationWiring diagram for what?fuse box and interior lights

How does one turn on cargo light on 1997 ford ranger XLT?

Turn your interior light dimmer until it turns on the cabin lights.

Why the interior lights sometimes work and sometime they stop working 1997 Buick LaSabre?

May have a switch going out in doorjambs-check their operation.