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I am not for sure which is the radio fuse but 99% of the time it is a 15 amp fuse which is blue.

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Q: What is the fuse number for the CD radio on a 1993 Toyota Paseo?
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How do you change the heater blower motor on a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

como remplasar blower ac heater paseo 1993 toyota

Does a 1993 Toyota Paseo use R12?

93 paseo does use R-12.

Where is the heater core located on a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

Behind the radio under the dash according to the hoses going thru the fire wall.

What engines will fit a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

the Toyota mr2 engine is said to fit but i have to try it out myself first i just bought a 92 paseo

Tire size for 1993 Toyota Paseo?


Will 1992 Toyota Tercel motor fit in a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

it should they r the same

Where can you find the headlight combination switch for a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

Remove 1993 Toyota Camry factory radio?

Remove the 1993 Toyota decorative radio cover in. Remove the radio retaining screws. Pull the radio out. Remove the wiring harness.

Where do you get a repair manual for a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

Try Try E-Bay

How many gallons does a 1993 Toyota Paseo's gas tank hold?

however many pies you eat

Did the 1991-1993 model Toyota Paseo come with airbags?

No, airbags did'nt start being included on the Paseo until, I believe, the 1994 or 1995 model year, about 2 to 3 years before the end of the Paseo's production run in 1997. I have a 1992 Paseo and it does NOT have airbags, neither driver or passenger.� The 1993 Paseo does have a drivers side airbag. I have a 93 paseo and it does have a drivers side airbag

What is the radio unlock code for a Toyota Corolla 2002?

What is the radio unlock code for a 1993 toyota corolla

1993 Toyota Radio wiring harness diagram?

Need vehicle model and radio model (located on the front of most Toyota radios).

Where is the idle air control valve located in a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

It's directly underneath the throttle body and anchored to the throttle body by screws.

I replaced my battery in my 1993 Toyota Previa and don't remember my radio code Is there an override code?

Call Toyota and give then the radio model # they Ill give you the code

Where is the fuse box of sterio in Toyota Celica 1993?

In a 1993 Toyota Celica the radio fuse is located in slot 12. The fuse is rated to handle 15 amps.

Where is the fusible link on a 1993 Toyota Paseo What would cause it to go out and what would be the symptoms of it being out?

I'm pretty sure the fuseable link is underneath the battery...

Where is 02 sensor located on 1993 Toyota Paseo?

it's in the down pipe coming from your exhaust manifold. you will have to remove the heat shield from the exhaust manifold to access it

How do you take out the radio of Toyota Camry 1993?

I posted a link with the instructions in it. Hope this helps!

Where can you find free radio wiring diagram for 1999 Toyota corolla?

where can i find free radio wiring diagram for a Plymouth sundance 1993

On a 1993 Toyota Paseo with a manual transmission. how many motor mounts?

3, one by the timing belt cover, one on the transaxle under the battery, and the third behind the engine on the firewall.

How do you reset radio code Toyota Camry to replace new radio inwhere can i find the code to reset it.i call Toyota dealer they told me have to remove radio first out and bring it to them re?

Last three digits of the cars VIN did it for me

Where can you find a fuse box diagram for a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

When changing fuses it is important to have a diagram to help change the right fuse. The fuse box diagram for this car can be found in the owners manual.

What sae oil does 1993 paseo use?


How do you replace an automatic transmission on a 1993 Toyota Paseo?

There's not enough room here to answer your question. This is no job for a novice mechanic. You're going to need specialized tools and experience. Take it to a tranny shop.