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What is the future type of external memory?


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If you mean after external hard drives, probably am 80 GB credit card. MSM9841 and MSM9842 offers two types of memory interface: interface when DMA controller is used (16-bit bus) that memory interface is through DMA controller; interface without DMA controller that memory interface (16-bit bus) is through CPU.


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External memory or Auxiliary memory or non-volatile memory

Internal and External. Internal - also known as Primary Memory, comes inbuilt when the computer is manufactured and mainly used to run the computer while external - also known as Secondary Memory can be added to the computer storing data and information for future use

It depends on the type of laptop you have. It is possible to upgrade the memory on most notebooks. It's also possible to add external memory.

Those devices which are connected to computer are called external memory devices.

Depending on the PDA there are external memory storage which features an additional memory card that you are attached to the the PDA.

Most all memory is internal. Back before modern computing there was external memory but it was expensive and very rare.

with a USB or an external memory drive.

No processor not have own memory it connect to external memory Micro controller has its own memory

Internal memory on a computer is kept on the hard drive. The hard drive holds the memory for all things downloaded to the computer, and all web sites visited. External memory is usually kept on a device like a USB memory stick or a CD. External memory can be accessed by plugging it into the computer.

An external memory card can be helpful in increasing speed of phone, in case if you are facing less internal memory problem.

Internal sorting is done in internal memory. where asexternal sorting is done in external memory like hard disk or magnetic tape.

well, it depends on what blackberry type you get, for example the blackberry curve 9360 comes with a 4g external memory card and roughly about 500mb stored internal

1.Inbuilt memory is something thats inbuilt to the processor,meaning the processor can access it directly. 2.Then therez external memory that requires an input/output module to access it by the processor.In it: (a)Outboard storage:Now this type doesnt reqiure an external device to touch it directly(ex-magnetic disk) (b)Offline storage:This type requires an external device to touch it directly to access(ex-magnetic tape)

No, they do not. You have to purchase an external memory card reader.

iPhones do not support external memory cards.

Definitely an External hard disk is better than the flash memory because of it's stability.

Internal sorting it means we are arranging the number within the array only which is in computer primary memory. External sorting it is the sorting of numbers from the external file by reading it from secondary memory.

Secondary storage device is USB and also the external hard disk are external devices these are best for external memory.

Read Only Memory is the internal memory computers use to start up reliably

yes, external memory counts as portable/External Hard drives, USB flash sticks/drives, SD cards, CD's/DVD's and floppy disks (ancient but still count :P). Anything that you can put files,pictures, movies, etc on counts as external memory.

i think memory is of two types.they are 1.internal memory 2.external memory. memory means it is the plac where any kind data is stored.

External memory for a computer can be found and purchased both new and used from the online services provided by the eBay, Amazon, and Nextag websites.

Internal is normally dedicated to the phone and it's OS. For such use as adding more apps, texts, contacts. External is more pointed at using it for your own personal media. although on smartphones you can point apps to be loaded from the external memory. other factors are if you can take the memory out of the phone. Internal meaing you can't and External meaning you can. This is normal in the format of a memory card. (SD, Micro SD etc)

internal and external memory

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