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What is the government doing to stop water shortages?

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nothing is being done

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How can you stop water shortages?

By stretching water across the lateral plane.

Is your government doing enough to combat global warming?

No. No government in the world is doing enough to stop it.

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What is the government doing to stop water pollution?

nothing. they don't care about anyone, or anything but themselves. They are horrible, horrible people.

What is the government doing to stop acid rain?

The government is raising awarness of pollution.

How is the S.A government helping to stop acid rain?

They are not doing anything... They are not doing anything...

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they arent really doing anything. most of them are stupid

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To stop extinction what is the government doing?

uh....i dont know?

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Nothing at all :)

What is three causes of the unequal distribution of water in the middle east?


What is the government doing to stop deforestation?

i believe their not doing anything for it i think it is partly them making it happen

What is Government of India doing to stop pollution of river Ganges?


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if your doing this for a biology project just stop looking

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Building a rocket

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It depends which government you are referring to. Some are doing a great deal.

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Making it illegal to hunt them.

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It depends on what kind of government. In some countries it is limited by law in others there is nothing to stop the government doing anything it pleases.

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No, your period doesn't stop if you're getting in and out of water. Your period continues no matter where you are or what you're doing, the idea that it stops in water is a complete myth.

Is the Indian government doing anything to help stop child labor?

the indian government is doing as much as they can. they are giving free education to poor people. they give free food to poor people

What is government doing to stop tobacco company from making money?

Oh sorry! Government does not stop tobacco companies from making money. Government can't neglect the money it gets from those companies. Government has vested interests in the profitable running of tobacco companies.

What are the solutions to food shortages?

stop drought and bad soil and get famers to help with donation

What is Belize's government doing to stop Deforestation?

hairy squid's are pink dont look at them they have poison on their hair