What is the grace period for foremost insurance?

It may not only be determined by the insurance company rules but also by the state laws and regulations where you reside. In Georgia the rules are usually the same for all companies as determined by the State mostly. In a situation whereby you miss a payment you will have 10 days from the day the insurance company mails you a cancellation notice. This is not from the day that you receive the notice but from the day that the notice is mailed to you. On a renewal situation you have no grace period and the policy will expire on the last day of the policy if payment is not made before that date. For instance if your have a 1 year policy whereby it runs from March 1 to March 1 then you will not have a grace period if the renewal payment is not made before March 1st. Most insurance companies will reinstate the policy if you postmarked the policy before March 1st but legally they do not have to do this.