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The greatest sin in Islam is to worship a partner to God or to deny God. The first pillar of Islam five pillars is to worship Allah (god in English) as the one and only one God with no partner, no son, no companion, no associate, and no equivalence and to believe that prophet Muhammad is His prophet and Messenger.


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Islam does teach that Adam ate of the tree, but Islam does not teach that sin is hereditary.

not sure but it is a sin to commit suicide in Islam as is in Christianity.It's a sin in Islam to commit suicide

No. Muslims only worship Allah and such beliefs are considered polytheism which is greatest sin and unforgivable in Islam.

Stealing is not the greatest sin Being a follower of the devil and murder are the greatest sins

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him was the greatest prophet of Islam

If you sexual relationship, then yes. It is a sin in Islam to have sexual (oral and/or intercourse sex) relationship outside licit marriage.

In the eyes of Allah, you cannot sin without intending to sin.

It is not a sin but it is not permissible for women to visit graveyard

yes you are commiting a sin

No, Steeling in Islam is considered a sin.

there is one sin that is unpardonable and it is blaphsmey against the holy spirit

it is ordered in Koran and not doing it is considered sin and disobeying God in Islam.

NO! if you are trying to make fun out of islam then you got another thing coming!

It is a great sin in Islam

it is a sin and is disgusting in the eyes of God.

In Baba's eyes, the greatest (and only) sin is theft. Baba himself only has one sin (in the eyes of society) to his name and that is alcohol/drinking.

Yes it is a Sin going out with a girl thats why Islam has a concept on early marriage !

Prohibited. Black magic does exist but is a sin(haram) to practise.

Money is not related in Islam and Christianity. It has no religious value.

Establishing the religion of Islam

Abraham was one of the greatest prophet

In Islam, there is only ONE worthy of worship; Allah. The very first pillar of Islam, Tawheed, identifies the fact that there is only one God. Apart from Allah, no-one in Islam can be worshipped, it is an unpardonable sin.

Yes Atheism would be a sin.AdditionWorse yet in many Islamic countries apostasy carries the penalty of death.

it is a grave sin it says not even to go near adultery

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