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The Greek word for Fruitful is καρποφόρος

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Q: What is the greek word for fruitful?
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What does the word polycarp mean?

Of Greek origin, the name means "much fruit" or "fruitful."

What is the Hebrew word for fruitful?

fruitful = noseh perot ("it carries fruit). If you are talking about the verb" to be fruitful", that is a single word in Hebrew: לפרות leef-ROHT.

Can you give me a sentence with the word fruitful?

They were married and were fruitful with children. And Jesus said, "the world will be fruitful with much life."

What is the other word you can use for fruitful?


Who is the goddess of fruit?

Pomona was the Roman goddess of fruit and fruitful abundance. She had no Greek counterpart.

What does the name ephraim mean?

It is derived from the Hebrew word Ephrayim which mean Fruitful. However most scholars think that Ephraim mean Doubly fruitful

What another word for successful?

profitable, notable, top, fruitful

What is an antonym for the word unavailing?

useful fruitful effective unfutile

Where did the name Euphrates river come from?

The name "Euphrates River" came from Greek. It is the Greek form of the original name, Phrat, which means "fertilizing" or "fruitful".

How many times is the word fruitful used in the Bible?

How many times is the word fruitfulness used in the Bible

How to use fruitful in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.Our crops have been fruitful this year.That is a fruitful plan.She is a fruitful writer.

What does latin word fecundissimus mean?

The most common meanings are "very fruitful" or "most fruitful," and "very fertile" and "most fertile." It's the superlative of the adjective "fecundus, -a, -um."