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What is the greek word for tiger?

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tiger came from the Greek word tirgri

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The word 'tiger' was taken from the Greek word 'tigris'.

Answer #1 Τιγρης. Answer #2 Tigris is the Greek equivalent of 'tiger'. The noun is a loan word in the classical language of the ancient Greeks. The most likely source is the older, Persian word for 'arrow', in honor of the tiger's speedy motions and reflexes.

You really don't mean what is the greek mythology name for tiger, you mean the greek name for tiger. Because, friend, greek mythology is not a language

The word in Latin for 'tiger' is tigris. The Latin word traces back to the more ancient, classical Greek language. The word also may be used as a proper noun in the case of the famous Tigris River.

The word "tiger" comes to us from the greek Tigris, possibly from a Persian word meaning "arrow" - presumably because of its speed.

The word "tiger" was probably derived from the Greek word "Tigris". The Greeks possibly borrowed this word from a Persian word meaning "arrow", due to the animal's swiftness.

The word 'tiger' is a noun, a word for a thing.A noun is a word for a person, a place, or a thing.A verb is a word for an action or a state of being.Examples:The tiger stalks his prey. (the word 'stalks' is a word for an action)The tiger was in the tall grass. (the word 'was' is a word for a state of being)

hindi word of tiger is -cheetaah

The word "Sphinx" came from the greek language, there is a similar creature with the wings of a bird, the body of a tiger and the face of a women, and they called it the sphinx

The same word. The tiger = der Tiger.

Tiger is the masculine word and tigress is the feminine.

The word Tiger is Tora, written as 虎

Tiger. Its the same word but pronounced Teeger.

el tigre is the spanish word for tiger.

white tiger = weißer Tiger

Old English 'tigras' (plural), also Old French 'tigre' (c 1150) both from Latin 'tigris', from Greek 'tigris', from Ancient Persian; see Tigris River, connection unknown

"Hellenic" is the Greek word. "Hellas" is the Greek word for "Greece".

The greek word for 'word' is logos.

Logic is a greek word. The word for logic in greek is: Λογική [logicEE]

The word "Amphibians" Originated from Greek.The Greek word is Amphibia or Αμφίβια= = = =

The word "tiger" is traceable to the Latinword tigris, meaning "a spotted tigerhound of Actaeon" for either male or female. The Greek word tigris is possibly derived from a Persian source.Panthera tigris is the scientific name for the species no matter the color or type.Each sub-species have their own scientific names;The Bengal tiger (P. t. tigris), also called the Indian tigerThe Indochinese tiger (P. t. corbetti), also called Corbett's tigerThe Malayan tiger (P. t. jacksoni)The Sumatran tiger (P. t. sumatrae)The Siberian tiger (P. t. altaica), also known as the Amur tigerThe South China tiger (P. t. amoyensis), also known as the Amoy or Xiamen tigerP.t = Panthera Tigris.In 1758, Linnaeus first described the species in his work Systema Naturae under the scientific name Felis tigris. In 1929, the British taxonomist Reginald Innes Pocock subordinated the species under the genus Panthera using the scientific name Panthera tigris.The word Panthera is probably of Oriental origin and retraceable to the Ancient Greek word panther, the Latin word panthera, the Old French word pantere, most likely meaning "the yellowish animal", or from pandarahmeaning whitish-yellow. The derivation from Greek pan- ("all") and ther ("beast") may be folk etymology that led to many curious fables.

Dorean is the Greek word for "Gift" Dorean is the Greek word for "Gift" Dorean is the Greek word for "Gift"

The noun 'tiger' is a word for a type of animal, a word for a thing.

The Greek word for the word for yellow is kitrino. In addition, the Greek word for the word red is kokkino.

The greek word for animal is zodiac. The greek word for turtle is still unknown.

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