What is the healthiest meat?

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I think the best one is Kangaroo meat, highest iron content and least fat
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What is the healthiest food?

Natural (unprocessed) proteins (preferably organic), fresh leafy green vegetables (preferably organic), fresh low sugar/carbohydrate fruits such as berries (preferably organic), and beneficial fats and oils (preferably organic) are the healthiest foods. Answer 2 There is no single healthiest foo ( Full Answer )

What are the healthiest fruits?

Berries are extremely healthy, especially blueberries, because they contain lots of antioxidants. Apples are the healthies. Remember a apple a day keeps the doctor away.

What is the healthiest vegetable?

1st answer (not me who said this.)-the healthiest vegetable is broccli. that's what i was told anyway. 2nd answer (by me.)-i think avocado is the healthiest vegetable.it is also my favorite vegetable.i also think that i am the queen of avocado.why,you ask? because i started eating avocado when i w ( Full Answer )

What are the healthiest foods?

I have written an article about healthy foods that you may already have in your kitchen. No specialty foods......all normal, everyday foods. See "related links" for more information.

What is the healthiest breakfast?

After going 8 or more hours without food the body is most depleted of protein in the morning. You are "break"ing the "Fast" when you finally eat int the morning.However your body still needs carbs and fats to function properly. As with most things balance is the key. I recommend Water (first) so you ( Full Answer )

Which fruit is the healthiest?

The relative healthiness of fruit depends largely on what healthymeans in a given situation. Generally, the healthiest fruit willhave lots of fiber, relatively little sugar, and many antioxidantsand vitamins. Berries, applies, and citrus typically are consideredvery nutritious.

What is the healthiest pasta?

the one that comes from south brazil, hence the name the "brazillian"... its played heavy metal, thrash metal, nu metal, death metal to ensure a peaceful stemhood.. thus providing a healthy pasta for a mosher. Available in several stores nationwide AND just for you it comes at a beautiful vaule of ( Full Answer )

What is the healthiest chocolate?

Good rule of thumb is darker is better. Higher cocao mass is related to higher anti-oxidant activity which can but not always be associated with being healthier, but don't take the "chocolate is healthy" part too seriously. Chocolate is fatty and has a lot of calories, which may be less health ( Full Answer )

What is the healthiest dessert?

something with fruit in it prahaps a fruit salad if you have any cook books just flip through them or go to the libaray. maybe a carrot cake too

What is the healthiest chip?

i would say riceworks gourmet brown rice crips. all natural and suprisingly tasty. nice choice of flavors too.

What is the healthiest sport?

Surprisingly all sports are equally healthy for your body, but the the thing is different sports make different parts of your body stronger. Like Horseback riding makes your calfs stronger and swimming makes your shoulders and arms almost boney depending on how long you do it.

What meal is the healthiest?

Probably Salad or an omellette If you are trying to lose weight i would recommend the womens weekly 21 day wonder diet I lost 7 kilos from that and it is full of tasty but most of all healthy meals

What are the healthiest carbohydrates?

The healthiest carbohydrates come from natural (unprocessed, unconcentrated) sources such as fresh (preferably organic) vegetables and fruit.

Which nut is the healthiest?

a Brazil nut not only the healthiest but also the tastiest i get the brand called tasty nutrition

What is the healthiest liquor?

they all get you drunk after a while but I sugest liquor that has the minimum amount of alcohol.

What alcohol is the healthiest?

Hard to say... Probably something with real fruits in it(like a healthier version ofa Bloody Mary). Certainly beer is not the healthiest. In general is guess red wine is okay for you

Which gum is the healthiest?

the new wrigley five gum "prism" is one of the top gums that you can find.it is not only sugar free,but also demonstrates that it is watermellon with equilar flavor.

What is the healthiest candy?

Fruit! It is sweet just like candy but super healthy and are loaded w/ vitamins. pinkalpaca99's perspective: "Even though fruit is a better choice then candy, all you have to do is look at the calories but what i have eaten that is the least amount of calories is Twizlers.

What is the healthiest bread?

The Healthiest Bread Is Brown Bread =]. Thats What People Say Soo... Just Go With That Like I Did Lol

Which vitamin is healthiest?

The healthiest vitamin, is according to what you need. For example, if you don't have very strong bones, than it is best for you yo take Vitamin D. But remember, too much vitamins are not good!

Which is the healthiest drink for you?

Water is one of the healthiest drinks. Many people do not drink enough water; however, too much water can be bad: make sure to get enough electrolytes as you get water. Tea and herbal teas are also very healthy: when you drink them unsweetened they are calorie free. Many herbal teas have positi ( Full Answer )

What is the healthiest veggie?

There isn't really a 'healthiest veg' because you need lots of different veggies to get all the vitamins minerals etc. If you mean the veggie with the lest calories well celery would be the best choice, you burn more calories digesting it than the energy than it supply's you.

What are the healthiest dogs?

Cross breeds (mixed breeds)crossed dogs live longer healtheir lives then purbred but only by a few years maybe even months so pures are fine too.But crosses still need the nomal vaccines and EVERY THING else others do so it doesnt really matter

What chocolate is the healthiest?

the darkest chocolate is the best, however, like everything else, moderation is your best guide when it comes to eating chocolate! Yum!!

What is the healthiest catfood?

Well, first of all, the worst food you can feed your cat is supermarket brand cat food. TV commercials for supermarket brand cat food always talk about the "wholesome ingredients" and "choice cuts of meat" in their food, but this is an outright lie. Most supermarket brands -- such as Purina, Frisk ( Full Answer )

What is the healthiest fat?

Unsaturated fat is the healthiest type of fat. Items like oliveoil, avocado, peanuts, corn, and canola oil contain this healthyfat.

What is the healthiest lunch?

I would say a turkey sandwich with a piece of lettuce and maybe a cheese stick every once in a while maybe you can pack some low fat chips. When I was in school I brought water everyday but vietamin water is okay to you might want a granola bar in there too.

What is the healthiest juice?

Judging what juice is the healthiest out of so many brands available today can be tricky. However some of the things you can look at it if the juice have natural sugars or uses many artificial chemicals. A healthy juice must have good proportion of vitamins, protein, carbohydrates and low in choles ( Full Answer )

How do you stay the healthiest you can be?

I eat fairly healthy but watch portion sizes more than anything. I also take vitamins and exercise daily with an outdoor personal trainer. In addition to these things I always get plenty of sleep.

Which are the healthiest crackers?

I like Ak-Mak whole wheat crackers. Since I am wheat intolerant during allergy season, I also eat rice crackers during that time.

Which yogurts are healthiest for you?

Stony field is the healthiest yogurt around. The cows are not fed corn,do not stand ankle deep in there own poop,and have enough grass to graze on. I f you want to learn more about healthy foods i encourage you to watch food inc.

What is the healthiest pepper?

Ground black pepper I guess? Of cos the hotter the pepper the best for mouth to those who love pepper. Cheers! :)

What is the healthiest smoothie?

There is a smoothie recipe on the PerfectSmoothie website called the "The Most Healthy Smoothie Recipe": According to the sites "Nutrition Matrix", it has all the same vitamins, etc you would get from a daily multivitamin, including other stuff like fiber, phytochemicals, and isoflavones. I think th ( Full Answer )

What kind of meat is healthiest for teenagers?

For an active teenager, all meat is healthy in moderation. It's not always the meat that is unhealthy but the way it is cooked. A chicken breast grilled with a few spices is considered healthy. Cover it in batter and deep fry it, and it becomes unhealthy. Stuff a large bag of fries down your thro ( Full Answer )

What are the healthiest meals?

Nothing is really ever the healthiest. Lots of people would say anything that's low in salt and fat, but really its about having a balanced and mixed diet, including having lots of different meals.

What are the healthiest meats you should eat to lose weight?

Fish, chicken, and turkey. Try to avoid eating red meat like ham, steak, burgers, hot dogs, beef, ect. Another answer: If you are determined to eat meat then eat free range chicken and cold water fish. You want to eat food high in omega-3 fat. You want to avoid anything fed in a feed lot. Such is ( Full Answer )

What is healthiest vegan vegetarian or meat?

Well, you have to have a balanced food pyramid. But people are vegetarians because they feel bad for the animals. So,in order for vegetarians to stay healthy , they eat tofoo to replace their meat. Vegans are sorta unhealthy because they don't eat or drink products from animals. Which means they don ( Full Answer )

Which veggies the healthiest?

Green vegetables are the healthiest because they have a lot of protein and calcium pin them. You need protein and calcium to grow and be stronger.

What is the healthiest vegie?

Some of the healthiest veggies are beans and dark leafy veggies, the darker the better.

What is the healthiest muffin?

it is slimming worlds muffins here is the recipe: Ingredients 6 large eggs separated 2/3 cup (150ml of a measuring jug) of Splenda * 4 teaspoons of sugar - optional, but I find it really improves the flavour 2 oz of cocoa powder (be sure to use real cocoa powder and not drinking chocolat ( Full Answer )

Who national is the healthiest?

I would think places like China and around the asia part of Earth as well as certain parts of europe

What is the healthiest meat to feed to dogs?

It depends. A raw/home cooked diet is beneficial only IF you have a superior knowledge of canine nutrition. Simply tossing some chicken or beef scraps in a bowl isn't sufficient. There are a number of high quality processed dog foods on the market. Nothing you can buy in the grocery stores. My perso ( Full Answer )

What are the healthiest kinds of meats for you?

poultry is the healthiest and some vegetarians eat it but it is still healthy if you red meats in between Poultry . chicken . turkey . etc. Red Meats . Steaks . Beef . Etc.

What is the healthiest plant?

all plants are healthiest.this is a silly question.but the answer is some plants are poisonous.that's all.

What is the healthiest way to cook meats?

Depending on the cut or size of the meat, baking, broiling, grilling, boiling and roasting would be the healthiest ways to cook meats.

What supplements are the healthiest?

There does not seem to be any supplements that are the healthiest. They all seem equally healthy. However, one trusted source or retail store is most likely GNC.