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What is the highest amount of questions asked by one person on WikiAnswers?

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As of September 2, 2010, the highest amount of questions - a whopping 17,729 - has been asked by Herb123:


(For a list of the top question askers, please view the Related links below.)

2010-09-02 11:30:48
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Q: What is the highest amount of questions asked by one person on WikiAnswers?
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Why is WikiAnswers so evil?

Some questions on WikiAnswers are of no importance to the person asking and the person answering. Ask legitimate questions for legitimate answers.

What is the maximum amount of trust points you can earn on WikiAnswers?

There is no limit as to how many trust points a person can earn on WikiAnswers. Currently, the highest number of trust points held by a person on this site is well over 8,000.

Does WikiAnswers allow questions on the biography of a living person?

Yes, there are hundreds of categories for questions about the life of living people on WikiAnswers.

If you are an anonymous person on WikiAnswers can you still answer questions?


Is Selena Gomez the person answering your questions on WikiAnswers?


How can a person become an Expert contributor in Wikianswers?

A person can become an Expert contributor in Wikianswers by asking and answering a lot of questions.

Is WikiAnswers a person or a computer?

wikianswers is a data base where lots of people like me try and answer your questions

What do you see in me?

A person who is so bored that he or she writes silly questions on WikiAnswers.

Why does WikiAnswers change 'I' to 'you' in the questions?

WikiAnswers changes 'I' to 'you' in the questions because WikiAnswers prefers second person over first person questions. It is part of the WikiAnswers Style Rules. It also makes the whole database a lot less hard to manage. Since we merge together questions that are asking the same thing, changing I to you automatically prevents us from having hundreds of thousands of other "I" questions that we would have to merge together.

Is WikiAnswers a person?

WikiAnswers is a website where a community of people answer questions. There are hundreds of volunteer supervisors and thousands of contributors that are involved.

Who has the power to merge questions on WikiAnswers?

Supervisors can merge questions on WikiAnswers. You can notify Supervisors through the Community Forum, which is checked regularly. It will help if you include the URLs for the questions you think should be merged and we'll take care of it.

Who answers the questions on Wikianswer?

its not just one person that answers the questions, any member of wikianswers can answer them if they know the answer.

Do you love me WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers isn't a person capable of feelings or emotions. In fact, it isn't a person at all. It is contributors that work on the WikiAnswers website that give the answers to asked questions and not someone named WikiAnswers. So the obvious answer to that question would be no, WikiAnswers can not and does not love you.

How smart is WikiAnswers?

depends on the person answering the question, wikianswers is not run by a computer, but people who know the answer can just answer questions themselves.

Why is first person not used when asking questions on WikiAnswers?

Use of Second Person Form on WikiAnswersWikiAnswers has elected not to use first person form, but rather second person, for several reasons: First, choosing one style form allows for consistency across the board and makes it easier to search and find relevant Q&As. Second, the purpose of having questions asked in the second person is to differentiate WikiAnswers from other Q&A sites where anything goes. Also, by asking questions in the second person, there is no "ownership" of the question or Q&A. This is imperative to WikiAnswers' end goal of collaboratively created content.

Am I trolling Wikianswers by asking questions I already know the answer to?

Do you think your the first person to do that....

How many Whitney Houston questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 100 Whitney Houston FAQ on WikiAnswers. This is actually not unusual: when a celebrity dies, or when something out of the ordinary happens in their life, questions about that person increase.

Why are there so many questions about giant pandas on Wikianswers?

Apparently there is a person doing a school project on Giant Pandas, and asked all the questions on his worksheet into the data base, hoping someone with no life on Wikianswers would give an accurate answer to all of his questions!

Do you charge for answers?

No. I am a regular person who loves answering questions. I do not pay a fee for this answer, you do not pay anything. I do not get paid for this answer, you do not. My job at WikiAnswers is to answer questions truthfully for you.

What questions are no match for WikiAnswers?

Almost none. WikiAnswers itself does not answer it, the users do, so however brilliant the person sounds it may not be the right answer so be careful what you believe.

Is the person who answers these questions a Christian?

Well, these questions are not answered by a single person; they are answered by many different people all over the world. With that being said, it cannot be determined whether the people who answer the questions on WikiAnswers are Christian or not.

Who asks questions on WikiAnswers?

Anybody in the world with access to the Internet could be asking questions on WikiAnswers. Click on "Question history" in the blue toolbar on the left. At the very bottom should be the ID or username of the person that asked the question.

How many contributions do you need to reach the top of the WikiAnswers leaderboard in Questions?

As of December 15, 2010, the greatest number of questions asked by a single person on WikiAnswers is 17,729.(See the Related link to the top overall contributors.)

What is considered a silly question to answer on WikiAnswers?

Any questions that add no value to WikiAnswers are silly questions to answer, and should be reported to a Supervisor for disposal.Examples of such questions are:Do you believe in cookies?Who is the coolest person on earth?Basically, any nonsense questions such as the examples listed above (and much more) are considered silly questions that shouldn't be answered.

Why are there two people next to the WikiAnswers logo?

There are two people next to the WikiAnswers logo because it shows that any person (like the two random people next to the logo) can go to WikiAnswers and ask and answer questions.