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What is the highest debt to income ratio you can have and still get approved for a mortgage?



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Typically 50% Debt to Income ratio. Some lenders will let you go higher. For example I have gotten customers approved with a DTI ratio of 124%, but the customer had over 500K in retirement funds and a medium credit score of 803 and the Loan to Value was only 60%. A lot of different factors go into providing an approval to a customer. What I would recommend is to call your local bank and see if you can do a free pre-approval to see if they can get you approved based on your particular situation. The original question pertains to DTI ratios for mortgages. The standard "front ratio" is 28 percent. To calculate the front ratio, divide the total payment (principal, interest, insurance, and taxes) by your gross monthly income. If it's over 28 percent, you may not be eligible for conventional mortgages. The standard "back ratio" is 36 percent. To calculate the back ratio, add up all your monthly debt -- mortgage payment, credit cards, school loans, car payments, etc. -- and divide that by your gross monthly salary. If that is more than 36 percent, that may also disqualify you.