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I am trying to find the answer to this question because I am getting charged over 90% interest by cash call, and I don't think this is at all legal!!!

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Q: What is the highest interest rate for personal loans allowed in California law?
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What is the highest allowed interest on a personal loan?

Depends on the state you live in, contact you state Attorney General office

What is the highest interest that can charged for a personal loan in California?

For California the usury limit for personal loans is 10%.. and anything greater should only be verbal as not to get caught up, but if it is in writing then it would be against the law and considered loan sharking.

What is the highest interest rate allowed on past due invoices?

there is about 500

What is the highest interest rate allowed by law for consumers in the state of Ohio?


What is the highest interest rate allowed in Florida law?

18% plus 10 points

What is the highest interest rate for personal loan in Delaware?

contact your State Attorney Generals office

What is the highest interest rate allowable on a private personal loan in Louisiana?

The law says 14%

What is the current interest yield in an American Express Personal Savings account?

American Express Personal Savings account is currently offering one of the highest interest rates on your money. They are offering a 1% interest on your money as of August 2011 with no fee.

What is the benefits of american express personal?

The biggest benefit of an American Express Personal account is the high interest rate you receive. Their rates are among the highest and most competitive in the area of interest rates on accounts.

How does one deal with personal debt loans?

There are several ways to deal with personal debt loans. You can consolidate all of the loans or can use the ladder approach as several famous financial gurus suggest. Pay the highest interest rate first then move on down the ladder to the next highest interest rate.

What is th highest interest rate on a personal loan?

Usury laws provide that interest rates charged on any loan may not exceed 25% As high as the lender wishes it to be.

What is the highest rate interest allowed for state of Ar?

5% above the Federal Reserve Discount Rate at the time the contract was made.

What is the highest interest rate allowed on invoices to customers?

This depends in your state and sometimes in your county. Is SC, the max is 29% as of 12/05.

What are the absolute highest cd interest rates?

The absolute highest cd interest rates is about 10%

Which type of interest yields the highest amount of growth?

Cumulative interest or return yields the highest amount of growth

Which companies offer the highest interest savings account?

The highest interest of savings account offers online banks. Richard Barrington Contributer for instance gives chances of finding the highest interest rate for your savings.

What is the highest deet percent allowed in Canada?

Until about 2005 you could buy up to 98% DEET but the highest concentration you can find retail now is 30%. My personal opinion is it works just as well.

Which bank in California has the highest interest Money Market Accounts?

All of the credit unions and the regular personal banking centers are pretty much the same for money market accounts. You are better off going online money markets as they are different standards then the banks and they have a higher intrest.

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The highest elective office in California is Governor.

When in the last ten years were interest rates at their highest?

The interest rate, no doubt, was the highest in the past ten years in the year 2008, when the housing market crashed. Before that, mortgage interest rates were highest in the mid 1980's.

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Karnataka bank in india has highest interest in savings account. For the amount kept between 7 to 45days you get 4.5% as interest

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what is the highest interest rate a car dealer can charge on an auto loan in sc?

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