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If it doesn't have a serial number, the chances are it was removed. It might have been a case of an overzealous refinish or a purposeful obliteration. I would suggest a very close examination of the butt and crane area to see if perhaps the sn is there, but, struck weakly. There is the chance that it was made that way, but, very remote. You need to contact a lawyer who specializes in fireams.

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What does the colt revolver do?

it shoots bullets

Can you use 38special bullets with a 357 revolver?

Yes, but please use the correct term- cartridges. Not bullets. A .38 Special is basically a .357 Short, and you can safely shoot .38 Special in a .357 magnum. The opposite is NOT true.

Do a .38 special revolver have bullets marks after it left the barrel?

A bullet that has left the barrel has marks left from its travel down the barrel.

How many bullets does the 410 revolver hold?


Does smith and Wesson have a revolver in stainless steel that shoots short bullets?

For a Smith and Wesson revolver in stainless steel that shoots short bullets, you might need a 380 caliber pistol or a S&W 32 caliber revolver.

What is the difference between a pistol and revolver?

A revolver has a rotating chamber that houses the bullets a pistol has a "clip" or "magazine"

How many bullets does the Casull hold?

The revolver holds five.

How many bullets does a 45 revolver hold?

Typically six.

Can 38 caliber bullets be used in a 357 magnum?

No. <><><> Above is correct- however, ,38 Special CARTRIDGES can be used in a .357 magnum revolver. The .38 Special is actually not .38 caliber, but .357 caliber. .38 caliber bullets, such as used in the .38 S&W catridge, cannot be used.

How many bullets does a 38 special holds?

6 bullets

How many bullets does a 38 revolver hold?

Typically, it holds six rounds.

What bullets does fie 22 revolver shoot?

Probabably 22LR. Have it checked by a gunsmith.

How many bullets does a revolver have?

as many as it accepts A typical "defensive" revolver holds 5-6 cartridges, but you can get revolvers that hold as many as 11.

Does a 44 mag revolver shoot 45 colt bullets?

No! They will not even fit in the chamber.

What kind of bullets does a 32 revolver take?

It will depend on the firearm and the exact markings on the barrel.

How many barrels are there in a standard revolver?

oneWell there is only one barrel on the gun, but it can hold 6 bullets in the standard revolver. There are variations of the gun that hold 5, 7 and 8 bullets, but those are very rare, particularly for the 7

What are the parts of 38 revolver and their function?

The parts of the 38 revolver include a replaceable cylinder, ammunition, a speed loader a moon clip. The 38 revolver is basically used to fire bullets to specific targets.

How do you load and unload 32 cal S W Clerke 1st revolver?

Pull the triangle pin out from under the barrel and then slide the revolver out to remove bullets

Can you shoot 38 special bullets in the 38 special plus P revolver?

It's a .38 Special revolver. +P applies to the cartridge, and indicates a more powerful load than a standard round of the calibre. In this case, it would be a .38 S&W Special with a +P loading, hence .38 Special +P. You can fire regular .38 S&W Special cartridges through it. Whether or not it can fire +P or +P+ ammo, you need to read the instruction manual and find the manufacturer's information on this.

What is the thing that holds the bullets in a gun called?

== == The part that holds the bullets in a revolver type pistol is called the "cylinder". In an automatic type pistol it's called a "magazine".

How bullets would be in a cowboys gun?

A cowboy gun is normally a revolver, which has six holes for the bullets to go in. But the cowboy would only put five bullets in for safety reasons. It was to stop the gun firing whilst it is in his pocket.

Why was the colt revolver important?

Perhaps because the Colt revolver contained six bullets wheras the the S&W at the time only contained five bullets. also, prior to the colt revolver there was only a single shot percussion pistol. The colt gave a man 6 shots instead of a single shot. This made a big difference fighting indians.

How much did pistol bullets cost in 1873?

The model 1873 Colt Army .45 revolver was about $17.00.

How many bullets does a colt revolver hold?

usually six, but if only 5 chambers then 5 rounds

What type of pistol did Vincent Van Gogh use to kill himself?

He used a revolver with bullets in it NOT DAISIES!

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