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This would be impossible to answer in a forum like this. You need to ask a specific question, e.g. Are you looking for information on a certain period of French history? The middle ages? The French Revolution? The World Wars of the 20th century?

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Q: What is the history of France?
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What is the history of apple strudel?

France France France France

Napoleon Bonaparte dominated who and whose history from 1799 to 1815?

France and the history of France.

Does France have good history?

History can not be good or bad.

What is France famous for and why?

Actually France is famous for his food and his rich history

How you say history of France in french?

l'histoire de la France

What to draw on a title page for the history of new France?

a flag that is france

Is there Jewish history in France?


Has France had any history?

No, I have to say it: Don't be stupid. France has been around since humans have. I once had a house in France that was 500 years old when Columbus set sail. France is one of the countries that made the history of the past 2,000 years. France has more history than almost anywhere. Hear, hear!

How do you say 'the history of France' in french?

l'histoire de France

How has France been a part of Luxembourg's history?

France has been a part of Luxembourg's history in that Luxembourg was once a part of France. French is actually one of the official languages of this tiny country.

What is history of Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is a star sign, and a "house of the zodiac". As such it does not have a history in the way that France has a history, or the motor car has a history.

Important events and timeline in French history from 1900 to the present?

France France France became a country in 1897.

What country has the longest history of centralization?


What was the worst dust storm in history?

the worst dust storm in history was in France 1989.

How many Marshal Generals have there been in French History?

Only six in the History of France.

What Belgium history has something to do with France?

Belgium and France have been briefly unified by Napoleons conquests.

What has the author James Stewart Pritchard written?

James Stewart Pritchard has written: 'Louis XV's navy, 1748-1762' -- subject(s): France, France. Marine, History, History, Naval, Naval History

What are the richest countries in history?

France i think not sure

How did Joan of Arc change history?

She saved France.

What is the history of Frederick ferram?

he was a phycologist who had lived in France

What was hundred days final defeat?

History of France

What has the author Emile Bourgeois written?

Emile Bourgeois has written: 'History of modern France, 1815-1913' -- subject(s): Accessible book, History 'France under Louis XIV' -- subject(s): History, Civilization, Court and courtiers 'L'enseignement secondaire selon le voeu de la France. --' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'History Of Modern France 1815-1913 - Volume 1'

What are the famous leaders in history of France?

Some famous leaders in the history of France are Napoleon Bonaparte, King Phillip III, Henry VIII, and Louis VIII. Other notable leaders in France are Charles IV and Charles VII.

What has the author Jeremy D Popkin written?

Jeremy D. Popkin has written: 'A history of modern France' -- subject(s): History, Histoire 'The right-wing press in France, 1792-1800' -- subject(s): History, French newspapers, Press and politics, France, 18th century, Paris, Right and left (Political science) 'Revolutionary news' -- subject(s): History, Publishing, Revolutionary literature, Press and politics, French newspapers, Journalism, France 'You are all free' -- subject(s): Slavery, History 'A short history of the French Revolution' -- subject(s): History, Revolutions

What is the history of fashion in France in 1820?

it is important because it is cool