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see I've copied it (the info found on the above link) as follows: THE "STORY" OF GUCCI PLUS This was emailed to us not long ago. Subject: Gucci "Plus" satchel... Good day, I recently saw the Gucci "Plus" satchel in your member pages and thought I should supply you with some information about this line. When Dr. Gucci passed away the surviving brothers fought for control of the Gucci empire. Paolo was not able to gain control of Gucci, and he started his own line called Gucci "Plus". This line was only distributed in the States for a very very short time as he was sued by the house of Gucci for copy right infringement. The house of Gucci fought him based on the use of the name Gucci, and the design elements used in Paolos products. The case was won initially in Italy, and was further pursued through various world-wide courts effectively putting Paolo out of business. The house of Gucci does not recognize Gucci "Plus" as a Gucci product...they consider it to be fake. Paolo does still do some limited design work...primarily small leather items and means furnishings under the label "Paolo Gucci" He is only allowed by the terms of the suit to use his full name on products, and is not allowed to copy designs from the house of Gucci. I wanted you to be aware of this, lest you come up with a disgruntled buyer of this product. Best Regards,

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Q: What is the history of Gucci Plus?
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Is Gucci Plus a take off of Gucci designer?

No, same company, just different names showing that Gucci Plus has more and better items

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The official Gucci website offers considerable information on their fine silver and other jewelry lines. On the website you will also find the Gucci corporate and company history.

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The ought to be all you need plus the warm coat gucci 2007 over top. You shouldn't have to much space within the jacket, this is how cold air can hide and chill you quite quickly. You always want the layers of clothing and space between clothes as well as the jacket to be fairly snug. Lv become gucci distributor bag malaysia Luxury brands are compared with popular brands and top brands. These brands' concepts are not clear and understood by all, but everyone is aware of their positions in their respective industries. The only constant characteristic for luxury brands is high price.. SEEK FASHION BAGS Unsurprisingly, throughout present the community, gucci manufacturers products it not wrong in order to drive extravagance things. Even though, as difficult, most lavish products are often very costly, these are typically no exception. There is absolutely no doubt that these particular gucci vintage luggage real watches usually are beautiful, when, chances are you commit countless bucks on one product. An outstanding advantage as we take advantage of the history of gucci purses Gucci Ophthalmic 1438 Man eyeglasses tends to be that i am wearing the particular renowned Gucci brand that's synonymous with style in addition to luxury. These Gucci history gucci purses eyeglasses are totally cost effective and ordering these is undoubtedly easy. Gucci Ophthalmic Person glasses are genuinely sold in the great bargain but we obtain the highest benefits.. [url=]gucci bags clearance[/url] [url=]gucci Handbags[/url] Readers, tell me how you feel. The revenge approach is not for everyone. While baby gucci canvas messenger bag boomers hold on to the "burning bridge" theory, younger people are gucci sunglasses prices reconsidering it. Raise your hand if you've ever heard of the brand named Coach? I'm almost positive your hand went up. If you haven't heard of history and background of gucci the name, someone you know has for sure. You quite possibly have seen a Coach store or merchandise in various malls, shops, or boutiques. The victory burberry outlet history of gucci logo online PERRY Clothes,TOMMY Clothes,Dior Clothes,Bikembergs Clothes,Versace Clothes,Paul Smith Clothes,Paul Shark Clothes,Childrens Clothes,Pierre Cardin Clothes,Ralph lauren Clothes,Lacoste Clothes,Louis Vuitton Clothes,Gucci Clothes,Armani Clothes,Hugo Burberry history of gucci company coats to the silk and angora coats to those with fringed ends or clean lines. Burberry Designer HandbagsBurberry designer handbags are the ultimate gucci history shoes accessory for any outfit, and They can be used as fashion accessories. To better burberry outlet online shopping termed Mr.

Who is the founder of gucci?

Guccio Gucci is the founder of Gucci. He started the luxury brand in Florence, Italy in 1921.

Gucci's first name?

The House of Gucci (better known as Gucci) was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921.

Who did Giggs perform the song Gucci Gucci with?

The song Gucci Gucci was recorded by Kreayshawn and featured the English rapper Giggs. The song Gucci Gucci was considered a remix and released in the middle of June 2011.

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Gucci Mane goes by Gucci Mane.

Who made gucci and when was it made?

Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921.

Who produced kreayshawn?

gucci gucci