Gucci (brand)

Founded in 1921, Gucci is an Italian fashion brand. They are headquartered in Florence, and specialize in fashion accessories such as sunglasses, watches, and leather bags.

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Gucci (brand)

Where is the bar code for the gucci belts?

The tags are on the inside of the belts. They are very small and are right by the buckle usually.

Gucci (brand)

How do you reshape your Gucci sunglasses?

It depends on the frame material. Lots of Gucci frames are made of a light weight plastic material called OPTYL. Optyl needs to be heated up to a very hot temperature before it can be manipulated. If you try to bend this material without heating it, it will snap as it is very brittle when cold. Gucci frames may also be made out of another plastic material called ACETATE. Acetate still needs to be heated but not as much as Optyl as it will melt and could be destroyed if too much heat is applied. It may still break if it isn't heated enough. If the frame is metal, it may not need to be heated. I would recommend that you take your sunglasses into an Optometry Practice or an Opticians to get an eyecare professional to adjust them for you.

Gucci (brand)

Why is Gucci expensive?

Gucci products are expensive because they are carefully made from real materials by hand craft and machining which require a lot of labor and source.

Gucci (brand)

How do you tell real from fake Gucci man shoes?

I don’t know

Gucci (brand)

Check your gucci watch serial number?

Dear i want to know the price of my gucci 99250 ARGENT REF 2201?/

Gucci (brand)

Do all Gucci bags have serial numbers?

All gucci bags and purses have serial numbers in order to protect themselves from fake products.

Gucci (brand)

How much is a Gucci handbag?

$700 for a legit one

Gucci (brand)

Why did guccio gucci become a fashion designer?

gucci became a designer from his dad

Gucci (brand)

How do you know if a Gucci handbag is authentic?

Telling the difference between an authentic Gucci handbag and a fake can be extremely easy (i.e. you'll see the popular 'Goach' pattern counterfeiters use that looks like the double 'C' Coach pattern but, uses double 'G's instead ) or it can be very hard and might take an experts eye. First, Gucci bags are of high quality and impeccably well made. There will most likelynot be loose threads, cheap materials or easily broken hardware (clasps, snaps, etc) There will also always be a leather 'Gucci', 'Made in Italy' tag usually with an 'R' surrounded by a circle, sown in right below it's inner zipper pocket or pouch. On the bottom side of the tag, there will always be a serial number containing the date the bag was made. Fake bags often come with serial numbers but, have either too many or too few. You can also tell the difference by the font Gucci uses. It will always be the same and can really help in figuring things out. The hardware on the bag will have 'Gucci' inscribed in at least one place, if not all. Gucci bags also come with extras such as dust covers/sleeper bags. Don't go by this alone, many people sell fake Gucci bags with real Gucci dust covers. They will most likely be either dark brown, very soft and say 'Gucci', in a Gold color directly in the middle (if the spacing is off, it's fake) or be dark brown, with a satin/silk feel and have the Gucci double G logo, in gold as well. Gucci bags always come with authenticity or 'Controllato' cards. Controllato cards will be small, most likely white with 'Gucci' at the top, then 'Controllato' and the numbers 1-9, and a 0. They are never attached to the bag and do not come in a bunch of different colors. There will also always be a Gucci booklet that comes with the bag. It's a glossy, golden/brown color with "Gucci' etched in the cover in a lighter gold, followed by 'La Storia' below. The back of the booklet has a set of white numbers. Inside there will be 'Gucci', 'La Astoria' and the story of Gucci written in several different languages (Italian first) with pictures. Vintage bags vary quite a bit and do not always follow these rules. For more information on vintage Gucci bags as well as example pictures of both real and fake, new and vintage Gucci bags, I've found the link included from Ebay fairly helpful. It's important to try to always go to reputable, licensed retailers when buying a Gucci bag or at least research it thoroughly before a purchase.

Gucci (brand)

Do all vintage gucci have serial numbers?

no if it is a true vintage then it wil have no serial numbers

Gucci (brand)

Do all of gucci sunglasses have serial number?

Yes. All of gucci sunglases have serial number.

Gucci (brand)

Where is Gucci made?

Gucci was founded in Florence in 1921, but is now manufactured in Milan, Italy.


Gucci is currently manufactured in workshops located in France, Spain, and the United States. Footwear and ready to wear items are created in France and Italy. Gucci watches are made in Switzerland and sunglasses in nce and Italy.Gucci is world re-owned for its impeccable Italian craftsmanship! Not to mention its unique blend of luxury heritage and fashion authority.Established in Florence in 1921, its iconic style has become synonymous in Italy.

Gucci (brand)

How do you tell if Gucci wallet is fake?

On the inside there is a leather sign that says its real where its made and the bar code if not its fake.

Original quality are good, fake ones are just so so. but the fake and original are almost the same, they are different from craftsmanship and fake ones are much less.

Gucci (brand)

'Is Gucci more expensive than Prada?

You are funny.. usually 1 Prada's price can buy 2 Gucci...And also Prada is slightly more expensive than Louis Vuitton.

Gucci (brand)

Where can you buy the best replica Gucci and other replica designer handbags?

You can try researching various websites, including eBay, and also shops/stores offline. Then compare what they have on offer and their prices.

Gucci (brand)

Is Gucci Plus a take off of Gucci designer?

No, same company, just different names showing that Gucci Plus has more and better items

Gucci (brand)

Who sings the song gucci this gucci that?

omg girlz

Gucci (brand)

What country is gucci handbags made in?


Gucci (brand)

How do you know if a gucci wallet is fake?

check the leather if it feels plasticky then its fake. if its heavy then its real but if its real light and i mean real light then its fake but..... Im not an expert i only have a lot of leathery things and believe me they are all real.

Gucci (brand)

Where can you buy a Gucci bag?

GO to THE prime OUTLET if U dont FIND it its because its all gone everyone loves them like me i own one <3 <3

Gucci (brand)

Does Auckland city have a gucci store?

yes it has a small store inside DFS galleria, customhouse. It sells bags, accessories, and sunglasses. However, Auckland is finally getting an actual store opening in April it will be Australasia's largest Gucci Store!!!

Additional added 3 June 2008 - The Auckland Gucci store did open, it is located at 48 Queen Street and have Louis Vuitton as neighbours. The White Pages (telephone directory) has the contact details at:,2624,a1281_d76785673,00.HTML?Name=Gucci&Loc=Auckland&Reg=

Gucci (brand)

How do you clear gucci sunglasses?

to clear gucci sunglasses u can etheir use iglass cleaner or simply use window cleaner bur must wipe imediatly

Gucci (brand)

How do you know if it is a real gucci wallet?

a serial number will be sewed in the wallet

Gucci (brand)

How do you know if your paolo gucci handbag is a fake?

Real Gucci handbags are made of high quality, meaning no loose threads, cheap material, or easily broken hardware. There is a leather "Gucci Made in Italy" tag sown in below the inner pocket, with a serial number and the date the bag was made.

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How can you tell if your belt buckles are valuable?

1975 smith &wesson belt buckle worth any money?


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