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The original general partners of Meyer C. Weiner and Martin H. Braun signed a contract with Inland Construction to be their general contractor on Sept. 23 1965 for a price of $7,636,428 dollars at 15200 Dixie Square Highway in Harvey Illinois. The mortgage was held by Greenebaum Mortage Company. This information is all from the original contract.

To the best of my knowledge it opened in 1966, Closed in 1979.

Plus, There were rumors that the mall shut down due to the number of shootings & crime rate. Not because of "The Blues Brothers" filming debacle, it was closed before then.

and the mall is still there empty as a empty glass

Thank you for all your replies. I have been inside many times and photographed it. It also just had a fire the other day. I was really looking for a true history of the place. There are so many rumors out there about it!! If anybody is interestead in seeing some pictures of it, and other abandoned Chicago locations, check out my web site, look in the "Urban Exploring" Gallery.

I'm from Harvey and help run a historical/reunion forum on the city. The mall's grand opening was Nov 11, 1966 and was (then) the largest mall under one roof.

Three pics of the original are in my album:

We discuss our hometown mall at our Harvey forum here:

Is Dixie Square Mall the location that was once McKinley Interim School in or about 1976-1977?

Thanks for the many answers.

This new web page may help others that come across this:


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Q: What is the history of The Dixie Square Mall?
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