What is the history of Yes bank?

Yes Bank India, founded under the initiative of Rana Kapoor and Ashok Kapur, is known for comprehensive banking and providing financial solutions to its customers. The main mission of the Yes Bank in India is to establish a hi-tech driven private Indian bank catering to the needs of the emerging India. The founders got the financial assistance from the Rabobank Nederland, the world's only AAA rated private bank, and three respected global institutional private equity investors, CVC Citigroup, AIF Capital and ChrysCapital. At present, Yes Bank India has forty fully operational branches.

Activities: The main feature that differentiates Yes Bank India in the banking industry is their use of knowledge bankers who are industry experts in various sectors of Indian economy thereby helping their valued customers with in-depth knowledge of these sectors. In general the products and services offered by the Yes Bank are: * Corporate and Institutional Banking * Financial Markets * Investment Banking * Business and Transactional Banking * Retail Banking * Private Banking The Yes Bank offers a package of value added services, known as the Yes Touch. This includes International Debit Cards, 24 Hour ATM Access, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Payment - Online Brokerage and Online Travel Booking.