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T. Parker is usually dismissed as "just another Belgian clunker," but I am beginning to think that is only because of the similiarity to a brand name (T. Barker) used by Sears on inexpensive imported shotguns c 1900.

A muzzle-loading percussion gun would have been made at least 40 years earlier. It is still probably a very utilitarian (keep the fox out of the henhouse) shotgun that will not attract collectors and is worth whatever a yuppie will pay for a mantle decoration.

I can't give you any information except that the type of gun would have been manufactured between the 1830's when the percussion cap was developed and about 1870 when breech loading shotguns had been available for about 10 years.

I would be interested in learning any additional information you may find.

If it opens to insert a shell, it's not percussion. It will be one of the inexpensive guns imported around 1900 by the thousands. Not collected unless in like-new condition, no value as a shooter. I've heard that the "decorator value" has fallen in the last few years, but might bring $150 + from a yuppie with a western theme (a couple of restaurant chains have one hanging in every location).

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Q: What is the history of a 10 gauge double barrel 10 gauge shotgun with hammers and percussion nipples stamped Genuine Laminated Steel on the barrels and T Parker New York on the left lock plate?
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the gun has two hammers and on the barrels is stated laminated steel

How old and what is the value of an empire arms double barrel 12 gauge shotgun that has two hammers and has laminated steel on top of the barrels?

@ turn of the century, 50-100 USD

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It would be most foolish to fire this gun. Laminated barrels are also called Damascan barrels and have been known to corrode and weaken where you can't see the damage. This was aggravated by the black powder shells in use at the time the gun was new. Modern smokeless powder has much higher pressures. The barrels can blow up. You are best to hang this gun on the wall and never use it again.

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Where can you find information about a chrome Belgian 12 gauge laminated steel double barrel with Richard stamped by the hammers?

Your gun was made between 1880 and 1914, probably by Henri Pieper. If the name is actually Rickard (with a K instead of an H), it was probably retailed by J A Rickard Co of Schenectady, NY. Chrome and laminated barrels don't belong on the same gun. Except for a few custom-made shotguns, laminated barrels were not produced after the 1920s and chrome was not used until the 1940s. The plating was added after manufacture. I must have been short of sleep when I posted that. The finish is probably a nickel plating which would be appropriate for a firearm of this age.

How much is a Parker or Barker shotgun worth?

Both of those names are in the list of old shotguns imported from Belgium c. 1900. Probably sold by Sears Roebuck. Laminated steel barrels should be retired. If it has side hammers, it should bring $125-$150 as a mantle decoration.

What is the history of an old double barrel shotgun shell type side hammers with the markings tbs?

manufacturing turned toward internal hammers about 1870 just about the same time the transition from twist to fluid steel barrels appeared. keep in mind that side hammers still appeared on center fire shotguns using brass cased shotgun shells that first appeared about 1860. if it is a percussion cap shotgun its probably pre 1860.

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== ==

What is the value of a Crescent Peerless double barrel shotgun?

If it is a fully functional (have it checked by an experienced gunsmith) gun with fluid steel barrels, back hammers or hammerless, it should bring $200+ as a shooter. If it has side hammers and twist steel barrels, it's worth $125-$150 as a mantle decoration.

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What is an Elgin Arms Company 12ga double barrow shotgun worth?

Elgin Arms Company: Trade name used on shotguns made for the Strauss and Schram Company of Chicago. The value will depend on the exact configuration and condition. If it is a boxlock, either hammerless or with back hammers, it probably has fluid steel barrels and could (if approved by an experienced gunsmith) still be used as a field gun and be worth around $200. If it has side hammers, it probably also has laminated barrels. These should be retired and usually sell for $125-$150 as mantle decorations.