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T. Parker is usually dismissed as "just another Belgian clunker," but I am beginning to think that is only because of the similiarity to a brand name (T. Barker) used by Sears on inexpensive imported shotguns c 1900.

A muzzle-loading percussion gun would have been made at least 40 years earlier. It is still probably a very utilitarian (keep the fox out of the henhouse) shotgun that will not attract collectors and is worth whatever a yuppie will pay for a mantle decoration.

I can't give you any information except that the type of gun would have been manufactured between the 1830's when the percussion cap was developed and about 1870 when breech loading shotguns had been available for about 10 years.

I would be interested in learning any additional information you may find.

If it opens to insert a shell, it's not percussion. It will be one of the inexpensive guns imported around 1900 by the thousands. Not collected unless in like-new condition, no value as a shooter. I've heard that the "decorator value" has fallen in the last few years, but might bring $150 + from a yuppie with a western theme (a couple of restaurant chains have one hanging in every location).

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Q: What is the history of a 10 gauge double barrel 10 gauge shotgun with hammers and percussion nipples stamped Genuine Laminated Steel on the barrels and T Parker New York on the left lock plate?
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