What is the history of asthma?

It existed in ancient Egyptian times,theres evidence that asthma has been around even before that.The Georg Ebers Papyrus,found in Egypt in the 1870s contains prescriptions written in hieroglyphics for over 700 remedies.One of the ancient Egyption remedies was t heat a mixture of herbs on bricks and inhale their fumes. China a few hundreds yrs ago it was common to give a person w/asthma herbs containing ephedrine from which they could inhale beta-agonists.The term asthma comes from the Greek verb Aazein meaning to pant,exhale w/open mouth,sharp breath.At the beginning of the 20th century asthma was seen as a psychosomatic disease.During the 1930s to 1950s asthma was known as one of the "holy" seven psychosomatic illnesses.Not until the 1960s was asthma recognized as a anti-inflammatory and medications started being used.