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it all started in 1740's a foriegh guy named philipp sussemer from badenbaden in black forest. and he set goals to be the best at what he invented.

Walking uphill = hiking. Lame.

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Q: What is the history of hiking?
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What is computer hiking system?

computer hiking is hiking

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Why is the Grand Canyon important to people?

The views are breathtaking, the rafting in phenomenal, the hiking is rewarding, its history is fascinating.

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What is spanish word for hiking?

hiking = caminata

A sentence with the word hiking in it?

They were hiking on the Appalachian Trail. She was hiking up her stockings, trying to be subtle about it.

What can you do at the chaparral biome?

go hiking go hiking

Synonym of mountain hiking?

a synonym of mountain hiking

How do you reply to what are your interests?

Say what you like to do, for example, hiking, reading, swimming, camping, singing, history, math science, etc.

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Are hiking shoes for sports?

Hiking boots are designated as strong support for the ankle. Hiking shoes are somewhat shoddy for this, and are no better for hiking than flip flops. So yes, hiking shoes are for sports, and not alot else.

When did hiking begin?

There is not an official date as to when hiking began. People have been hiking is some form for hundreds of years.

What are your views on price hiking?

My Opinion: Who likes price hiking? Haha. i think price hiking is just obliviouse.

What is walking and hiking in French?

walking:marche hiking: randonnée -stella

What is the root word of hiking?

the root to the word 'hiking' is 'hike'

How many hiking trails are there in MN?

10,794 hiking trails

What is the past tense of hiking?

hiked is the past tense of hiking

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Which word does hiking come from?

Hiking is a combination of the words Hill + Walking.

What is true about hiking?

Hiking will get you a very good workout for your legs when going uphill it doubles the amount of just hiking on flat ground.

Is hiking an example for public good?

Parks are an example of the public good, since they are a resource that is available to the general public. Hiking is something that people can do in parks. But hiking is not a public good, it is something that individuals do for their own recreation. Hiking is not generally intended to help anyone other than the hiker. If you went hiking and also collected litter while hiking, for proper disposal after you finished hiking, that would be a way of using your hiking for the public good. Of course, a well managed park or hiking trail should have no litter anyway. But sometimes there is.

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Where did they get there food?

If you are referring to ancient history, then the people of all time periods hunted for food and they found fruits and veggies by growing them or hiking to find them.