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What is the history of the Free Home For Consumptives in the city of Boston and where was it located?

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2007-07-29 16:49:55

Hi, from what I can find the Free Home for Consumptives was run

by the YLCA - Young Ladies Charitable Association started by some

sisters of St Joseph or some such? Have a spoon with YLCA and Free

Home for Consumptives notated. Some references to the charities

work and the home in a book "Woman; Her Position, Influence &

Achievement Throughout the Civilized World" William C King. Speaks

about Woman in Philanthropy". Sounds like late 1890's to early

1900's. Latest reference I have found is approx 1911 but not sure

of earliest reference. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia: John

Joseph Williams. Fourth bishop, consecrated 11 March, 1866 was the

Bishop in Boston when the Free Home for Consumptives was created

sometime around 1891. Seems to be associated with the Catholic

charities during that time.

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