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The very first movie about Frankenstein was made in 1910 starring Charles Ogle as Frankenstein. It ran for 16 minutes and was a silent movie. The very first talking movie about Frankenstein was produced in 1931 and starred Boris Karloff as Frankenstein. It was simply called "Frankenstein". It was based on a book by Mary Shelley. There have been many movies and TV shows about this character made.

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What is the highest grossing Frankenstein movie?

The box office numbers for the original Universal Frankenstein movies have been lost to history but according to Box Office Mojo, the highest grossing Frankenstein related movie is Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein, w/ $86,273,333.

Who was Frankenstein in the movie?

The Frankenstein monster: Boris Karloff Victor (Henry in the movie) Frankenstein: Colin Clive

When did the first Frankenstein movie come out?

The first Frankenstein movie came out in 1910.

What movie was a musical spin off of Frankenstein?

The Bride of Frankenstein.

Who played the Frankenstein monster in the first Frankenstein movie?

Lady Gaga

Who is the first scary movie villain?

Frankenstein was the first scary movie "Frankenstein" was released in 1931. "Nosferatu" which is a vampire movie was released in 1922.

Who had the title role in the 1931 movie Frankenstein?

Boris Karloff played Frankenstein .

What was the title of the Japanese film about Frankenstein?

The Frankenstein movie made in Japan was released in 1966 and was titled Frankenstein Conquers the World.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Interactive History of Frankenstein - 1995?

The cast of The Interactive History of Frankenstein - 1995 includes: Rick Baker as himself

Who built Frankenstein?

If youre on about the movie "Frankenstein" (which you probably are) then his creator was Henry Frankenstein along with his assistant who was a hunchback but i dont know the name of

When was the movie Frankenstein made?

The first "Frankenstein" was released in 1931. It starred Boris Karloff as the monster.

How old is Frankenstein?

how old was fankensteine in the movie

What is the most famous movie monster?


What age rating is Frankenstein the movie?


What is the movie young Frankenstein rated?


What movie has it's alive?

"Frankenstein" (1931).

Who was dr Frankensteins assistant?

In the book Dr. Frankenstein did not have an assistant. In the movie his assistant was Igor. In the movie 'The Young Frankenstein' it was Igor (pronounced eye-gor)

What movie studio produced the first version of the film titled Frankenstein?

By my resources the first Frankenstein movie was filmed by universal studios. Hope this helps!

What was Gene Wilder's role in young Frankenstein?

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein. If you haven't seen this movie, you must!

What year did the original movie of Frankenstein come out?

James Whales Frankenstein came out in 1931 starring Boris Karloff

Who was the doctor in Frankenstein?

In both the novel and the movie, the doctor is Victor Frankenstein, hence the creature's "name" is Frankenstein's monster.

In the movie Young Frankenstein what song does Dr Frankenstein and the monster tap dance to?

'Putting on the Ritz' by Irving Berlin.

Who is Julian 'Frankenstein' McGarth?

Julian 'Frankenstien' McGarth was a character in the 1999 movie Big Daddy.

What year was the first Frankenstein movie produced?


What is the animated comedy movie about a young Frankenstein?