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Q: What is the history of the ziggurat?
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When was the first ziggurat found?


How tall is a ziggurat?

A Ziggurat is usually 170 feet tall. Although the length can depend on the Ziggurat.

What word starts with the letter z in history?

ziggurat It was a pyramid-like structure that is used as a sumerian temple.

Name the parts of a ziggurat?

It's Ziggurat.

What does a Ziggurat look like?

The Ziggurat is rectangular.

When was The Ziggurat created?

The Ziggurat was created in 1997.

What does a ziggurat symbolize?

A ziggurat somewhat means, "The Hill of Heavens" or "Mountain of God" ziggurat was a temple built for the sumer? or the Mesopotamians

What was the most famous Ziggurat?

The Ziggurat at Ur is probably the most famous, but the Ziggurat at Teppe Sialk is also rather famous.

Why did babylonia's build a ziggurat?

A ziggurat is a temple or a place of worship, so I assume they made the ziggurat as a place to honor the gods they believed in.

How big is ziggurat?

the average height of an ziggurat was 170 feet .

How tall is the Ziggurat of Ur?

A ziggurat is 170 feet tall

What in the world is a ziggurat?

A ziggurat is an ancient Mesopotamian temple tower.

Facts about the ziggurat of Ur?

it was a ziggurat was old

Was a ziggurat a great house?

A ziggurat was a temple or a place of worship.

Where is the most famous ziggurat?

The most famous ziggurat is in Ur.

What ziggurat religion show?

Ziggurat is a one room place

What is the oldest Ziggurat?

The oldest Ziggurat is the Sialk ziggurat, of the Tepe Sialk archeological site. It is located in northwestern Iran, and dates to 5000 BC.

When was the ziggurat of Ur built?

The Ziggurat of Ur was built in, 2100 b.c.

WHO built the Ziggurat of Ur?

Ziggurat of Ur was built by the ancient Sumerians.

How long did it take to build the ziggurat of Ur?

It took 5 years to build the Ziggurat

What materials were used to build a ziggurat?

A ziggurat was made of mud and sandy

What would people find if they visited a ziggurat?

A ziggurat is a stepped pyramid.

Who made the first ziggurat?

The first Ziggurat was made by the Sumerians in 4000 BC. The last great ziggurat was made by Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon in 600 BC.

Is a mesopotamian terraced scribe a ziggurat?

No, a Mesopotamian terraced scribe is not a Ziggurat. The answer would be A Mesopotamian terraced Pyramid is a ziggurat.

Where was the most well-known ziggurat located in sumer?

Great Ziggurat of Ur