What is the history on Manitoba?

Manitoba is the "keystone" province located in the heart of Canada. Created by the Manitoba Act of 1870, the province was at first a tiny rectangle comprising little more than the RED RIVER COLONY radiating from the juncture of the Red and Assiniboine rivers. After lengthy and often difficult provincial-federal negotiations, the boundaries were extended in 1881 and 1884. In 1912 they were finally set at lat 49° to lat 60° N and long 101°30´-102° W to long 95° W, angling northeast at about 53° north on the eastern boundary.

For 200 years the FUR TRADE dominated the area known as Rupert's Land. Settlement, particularly from eastern Canada and eastern Europe, eventually created a sound agricultural tradition. Postwar political and economic efforts have enabled the economy to diversify industry and develop primary resources, while maintaining agricultural strength.