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See link below!

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When was artist Ken Done born?

Ken Done was born on June 29, 1940.

When did artist Ken Done die?


Is artist Ken Done still alive?

Yes, he is.

Who died in 2007?

Ken Done the artist died in 2007 and others but I can't name them all.

When was Ken Davies - artist - born?

Ken Davies - artist - was born in 1925-12.

Who is Ken Carlson?

artist and painter

Where do you find the artist in Pokemon Emerald?

The Artist of Pokemon is Ken Sugimori.

Why did Ken Done become an artist?

I do not quite see the point of asking ”why”. People who feel they have the talent and the urge become painters. This goes for all of them.

How old is ken Austin the artist?

He is 71.

What famous baseball players have the initials KG?

Ken Griffy, Ken Griffy Jr.

When was ken done Chinamens beach painting done?

Ken Done made his painting 'Chinamans Beach in 1985. It is made out of oil paints on a board with a painted frame, and is 29x34cm large.

What is the name of the San Diego Zoo orangutan esape artist?

Ken Allen

When did ken done die?

hey died in 2007

Who was the youngest UFC fighter in history?

Ken Shamrock

What has the author Ken Kelly written?

Ken Kelly has written: 'Cricket reflections' -- subject(s): Cricket, History

Who designed Pokemon?

Ken Sugimoria really talented artist who designed Pokemonhe then submitted them to Nintendo

How old is ken done?

73. Please see the link.

What is a certified Doves at Sunrise by Ken Michaelsen etching on fine copper inlaid with 24 Karat Gold worth?

Are you asking about Ken Michaelsen, the wild life artist?

What has the author Ken Collins written?

Ken Collins has written: 'Oatmeal and Eaton's catalog' -- subject(s): Biography, History

What has the author Ken Phillips written?

Ken Phillips has written: 'Shipwrecks of the Isle of Wight' -- subject(s): Shipwrecks, History

Was Ken Polk part of the Brown's roster if so when?

There is no Ken Polk listed on the Cleveland Browns roster, either now or in the entire Cleveland Browns history.It is Ken Polke.

Did ken done design the Australian uniform for the Commonwealth games?


Who is the winningest coach in Columbus Blue Jackets history?

Ken Hitchcock

Why is Ken Paves so famous?

"Ken Paves is so famous because he has been famous peoples stylists. For example, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, and Jennifer Lopez. He has a right to call himself a stylist, he has his own hot style himself."

What famous people went to the university of Pennsylvania?

Ken Olin, Actor