What is the homonculus?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is the homonculus?
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What does the homonculus look like?

Depending on the source, 1. Homonculus look like small clay like people. Their body parts may be disproportionate, or out of place, and certain characteristics of their body may be accentuated. 2. Homonculus look like humans who used to be dead. Really, they take the form of other people because they do not have their own form.

When you bring out your homonculus a error window comes and it wont go away. What should you do?

Don't bring out your homoculus.Report the bug to the software manufacturers.Post about the bug on the specific forums.Patch your software.

When do you get ice blade in wizard 101?

If you mean the level 45 ice sword, you can get it from a boss in Dragonsypre. The boss's name is: Homonculus. If you mean the little blade that you carry for mana or health or pips, you get that in Bazaar. It is cheap depending on what you want. Sometimes you can earn them from random bosses.

What is the location for sensory neurons?

They can be found in the dorsal root ganglia, retina, peripheral vestibular organs, cochlea, and enteric nervous system. Then there are second order sensory neurons in the brain that form the basis of the 'sensory homonculus'.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hell on Earth - 2008?

The cast of Hell on Earth - 2008 includes: Emily Alpren as Ginger Mary Corinne Miller as Janet Brett Fallon as Bobby Aimee Hofmann as Lisa Chris Kiszka as Bobby as Demon Don Money as Norman John Skerchock as Closet Homonculus Peter Stickles as Chris Kristin Woodburn as Peggy

Why does greed die in fullmetal alchemist?

In the first anime series, Greed is stripped of his red stone by Dante. He is then killed by Edward. In Brotherhood, Greed is captured by Wrath, and then killed by the Homonculus' leader.

What are zetsu's powers?

1. Merging himself with trees / ground, acting as a spy 2. Recording whatever he sees that can be displayed to Akatsuki leader. 3. He is a saprophytic cannibal and eats up the dead bodies of other akatsuki members. 4. In the five-kage meeting, he is shown to make multiple copies of himself and suck up everyone's chakra. 5. His body can be used as a disposable clone. 6. It has been recently revealed that he is not a person but a homonculus created from First Hokage's genes and there are millions of copies of him to be used as a brainless puppet army.

What is the function of the cerebral sulci?

The central sulcus is a deep groove (or furrow) in the brain that separates the frontal and parietal lobes of the cerebrum. The frontal lobe is known as the motor cotrex and the parietal lobe is known as the sensory cortex. the central sulcus has a 'map' of the human body on each side that corresponds to the other side. So when the sensory part is stimulated, its associated motor part is right across the sulcus. The model of the human body in relation to how many nerves are associated with each body part is called a homonculus and you can see one in one of the links below:

In full metal alchemist did edward die?

Ed has yet to die in any Fullmetal Alchemist series. In the original anime he is trapped on the other side of the gate and his counterpart from that dimension dies in a zeppelin crash. In the original manga and second manga he had yet to die and both are still on-going. in the show the girl that can shapeshive killed ed and Al tyred to bring him back to life with the falsifier stone. he came back but Al died then ed scarifies his life and brought back Al and Al was human again he lost parcel off his memory about his mom and is life. now ed is with his dad in the gate in the movie al trys to bring hin back again and on the other answer his other ed died in that demention but not real ed he opened the gate and that is how every thing happend. :)