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Ed has yet to die in any Fullmetal Alchemist series.

In the original anime he is trapped on the other side of the gate and his counterpart from that dimension dies in a zeppelin crash. In the original manga and second manga he had yet to die and both are still on-going.

in the show the girl that can shapeshive killed ed and Al tyred to bring him back to life with the falsifier stone. he came back but Al died then ed scarifies his life and brought back Al and Al was human again he lost parcel off his memory about his mom and is life. now ed is with his dad in the gate in the movie al trys to bring hin back again and on the other answer his other ed died in that demention but not real ed he opened the gate and that is how every thing happend.


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I hate answering this question for it makes me cry...Edward Elric "dies" in Episode 50. However he does not actually "die". He is brought back to life but I won't spoil that for you if you have not seen that part of the series yet.

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If you seriously want to spoil it:

1) Ed and Al's Mom(duh)

2) Maes Hughes

3) All of the Homunculi (Envy, Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, Pride, Wrath)

4) Edward (Kind of, He kinda comes back in the movie)

5) Alphons Heidrich (also only in the movie, Al's 'doppleganger' on earth)

6) Hohenheim

7) Psyren (in one of the earlier episodes, she was a oneshot)

8) Nina Tucker

9) Scar

10) Dante

11) Alexander (Nina Tucker's dog)

12) No, shou tucker doesn't die, he merges himself with a chimera and tries to bring Nina back to life near the end.

In memory of all the background characters who died in the making of this great and wonderful brilliantly composed masterpeice

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Edward dies near the end of the first anime, however, he is brought back by his brother Alphonse.

As for the second anime or manga; no. Though that metal pole through his liver came pretty close.

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Many people die in Full Metal Alchemist. Note, this list contains MAJOR SPOILERS!

Full Metal Alchemist Anime:Trisha Elric (mother)

Edward Elric (twice).

Doctor Tim Marcoh, the Crystal Alchemist

Brigadier General Maes Hughes



Sloth (Juliet Douglas)

Pride (King Bradley, Fuhrer)

Minor Characters:Cornello, The priest of Liore.

Klose's sister

Majihal, (puppet alchemist)

Barry the Chopper

Scar's Brother


Alexander, Nina's dog

Nina's mom

Nash Tringham

Doctors Urey and Sara Rockbell, Winry's parents

Basque Gran

Number 66 (Barry the Chopper, 2nd form)

Slicer's brother

Number 48, Slicer

Izumi Curtis' baby

ex-Lieutenant Yoki


Lydia, Lujon's fiancee

Bido (lizard chimera)

Dolcetto (dog chimera) (Dorochet in Brotherhood)

Loa (bull chimera)

Marta (snake chimera)

Selim (King Bradley's child)

Solf J. Kimblee (Crimson Alchemist)

Hohenheim of Light's first child.

Unknown, or pseudo-deaths:

Mugiar (of Xenotime)


Alponse Elric

Dante's (old form)

Julia Douglas (original)

Hohenheim of Light (Elrics' father)

Other generic deaths:

Villagers in village of Klose, Majihal, and Karin.

Random State-Alchemists

Random women in Central.

Villages of Xenotime

The people of Ishbal

Villagers in Lujon's village.

Generic soldiers.

The army which attacks Liore.

Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood):The following people also die:

Isaac McDougal (Freezing Alchemist)

Shou Tucker (Sewing-Life Alchemist)

Giolio Comanche (Silver Alchemist)

Gluttony X2

Master Hawkeye


Sloth (the fastest homonculus)


Captain Buccaneer

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Many people die. here's a list of some. Note this is not all of them:

Edward's and Alpjonse's mother

Maes Hughes


Several alchemists are killed by scar and many guards throughout the series

General Raven

Barry the chopper (twice)

The Slicer brothers

Gluttony (but gets revived)

Both forms of Greed

Scar's brother

Nina Tucker

Nina's father



Solf J. Kimblee

Captain Buccanear


Von Hohenheim

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Technically, Edward's self in the industrial world dies, killed by a falling zeppelin.

Further in the very end of the first anime series, Edward gives his life to revive his brother.

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He dies in Episode 50, but then comes back to life...

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No, Ed is the Full Metal Alchemist.

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Q: In full metal alchemist did edward die?
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NOPE! He stays alive the whole time!

What chapter does Edward die in full metal?

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Yes, Edward Elric does survive until the very end of the episode of the first Fullmetal Alchemist series. Unfortunately, Edward did not regain his arm and leg, because instead of regaining his body (even though he could pull Al's body out of the gate) he was transferred from Amestris to Earth. This happened as a result of the equivalent exchange law in alchemy. In order to regain Al's body, Edward was transferred to Earth while Al forgot all his memory/experience while his soul was in the suit of armor.

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