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What is the horsepower on a stock 1996 Chevy Impala SS?


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The Horsepower of the 1996 Impala SS is 260 rear wheel horsepower.

its not "Rear Wheel Horsepower", because 260 Rear Wheel Horsepower would be pushing like 305 at the crank. but the Horsepower for the 96 SS is 260...

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I am a 1995 Chevy impala ss owner and you can fit 24" rims on your impala not only 24s but also 26" rims with the factory suspension idk about newer models after 1996 but 1995 to 1996 you can fit 24s to 26s on without lift kit.

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Front wheel drive. The last rear wheel drive Impala made was the Impala SS in 1996.

Open the hood, and its right there behind the left headlight.

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Impala SS = 306 bhp for about 3800 lbs Charger R/T = 360bhp for about 4000 lbs If both are stock, I'd take the Charger - easily. 1996 impala ss had 260 horse and the new charger R/T has 345 horse so the charger should walk the dog over the chevy.

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NO because they dont exist... they stopped making them in 1996 and brought them back in 2000.....

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