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How long does it take for the solar system to make one orbit around the Milky Way galactic center

What layer of the sun moves heat from the radiative layer to the photosphere

Which of these determines the intensity of a volcano

During earthquakes which type of fault results when one plate is compressed up onto another plate

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How do scientists study the Layers of the Earth

What type of volcanoes formed the Hawaiian islands

Which type of fault is the San Andreas fault

Which type of volcano produces volcanic bombs

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What do you call a neutron star that emits radio waves

How has the Doppler effect has helped astronomers

A star is said to be born when

The most obvious difference between the terrestrial and the jovian planets is

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Q: What is the hotiest planet?
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What is New Jersey's high and low temperature?

what is the hotiest temperatures

What planet is known as the Red Planet?

the planet is called mra

What is the difference between a planet and a dwarf planet?

A planet is a planet that has a normal orbit. A dwarf planet is a planet that has an irregular orbit.

Which planet is an outer planet but is more like an inner planet?

The planet that was an outer planet, but was more like an inner planet was Pluto because of its size. The planet Pluto is no longer considered to be a planet.

Which is the nearest planet to your planet?

It is Venus , the nearest planet to our planet .

Which planet has largest natural planet?

There is no planet which has a natural planet.

What kind of planet is the planet earth?

The planet Earth is a terrestrial planet and the only planet known that has life on it.

Which planet is called glossy planet?

There is no planet that is called the "glossy planet".

Is Pulto a planet or a dwarf planet?

A dwarf planet it used to a be a planet

What is the closest planet to Pluto?

The planet Neptune is the closest Planet to Pluto. The dwarf planet Haumea is the closest dwarf planet to Pluto.

What is Earth's nickname?

the nickname for earth is The Blue Planet.

Is planet Biyo considered the tenth planet?

No. "Planet" Biyo is not a planet but an asteroid.

What planet known as blue planet?

The planet Neptune is known as a blue planet.

What planet is nicknamed the sideways planet?

The planet that is nicknamed the 'sideways' planet is Uranus

What planet is the 9 planet?

There is no ninth planet.Pluto WAS the ninth planet but is now classified as a dwarf planet.

Is the planet mercury an inner planet or an outer planet?

Mercury is an 'inner' planet. It's the closest known planet to the sun.

Which planet starting with m is known as the red planet?

The planet Mars is known as the red planet. It is the fourth planet from the Sun an the second smallest planet in our Solar System.

Is mars the largest planet or the smallest planet?

Mars isn't the largest planet, Jupiter is the largest planet, nor is Mars the smallest planet, Mercury is the smallest planet

What planet is the same as the planet earth?

no planet

Is uranus a dwarf-planet or is it a planet?

It is a planet.

What planet is called the ''red planet?

Mars is a red planet but not sure if they call Mars the "red planet".

Which planet is known as the blue planet?

The 'Blue Planet' is one of the nicknames of planet Neptune.

A planet known as the red planet?

The planet Mars is often called the Red Planet.

Uranus is it a rocky planet or a gas planet?

Uranus is a gas planet not a rocky planet

How do you determine if a planet is a dwarf planet?

The planet needs to be big as Mercury and the planet's rotation.