What is the hottest kiss?

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i think the hottest kiss is a french kiss or a raspberry kiss

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Q: What is the hottest kiss?
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Which was the hottest day in New England?

January 23, 1990 it was 124. Kiss a girl. They will kiss back.

What is a creative way to ask a boy to prom?

go up to him and kiss him on the lips and the say to him "your the hottest thing in the universe," and kiss him again.

Who is the hottest girl in Harry Potter?

sooooooooooooo Emma Watson!she is sooooooooooo hot ! bonnie white can kiss her ***.

Miranda Cosgrove ever kiss a girl?

yes it was the hottest thing known to man a splurged for hours

Has skandar keynes kiss anyone?

Im sure he has by now he's 19 and the hottest guy to walk the planet :)

How do you tell if a boy is thinking about kissing you?

You can tell a boy wants to kiss you when he butters up in conversation, also he'll seem very tense, like he's not sure if he wants to or not. The best advice for this situation: if you think a boy wants to kiss you, kiss him first, its the hottest thing you could do for him at that point.

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Yes,they have been the #1 best ROCK band in the world for 14years witch means they are better than Jonas Brothers,AC/DC,Kiss,Nickleback the list goes on.But they are the hottest band ever

Is Mars is the hottest?

No Mars is not the hottest planet. Venus is the hottest planet.

What is the hottest plant?

What is the hottest plant'

Is Mars the hottest planet?

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can you can you make a sentence with the word hottest?

yes; "You are the hottest person i have ever seen!"i am the hottest person alive.this is the hottest day of the year!

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