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What is the hottest kiss?


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i think the hottest kiss is a french kiss or a raspberry kiss


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January 23, 1990 it was 124. Kiss a girl. They will kiss back.

go up to him and kiss him on the lips and the say to him "your the hottest thing in the universe," and kiss him again.

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You can tell a boy wants to kiss you when he butters up in conversation, also he'll seem very tense, like he's not sure if he wants to or not. The best advice for this situation: if you think a boy wants to kiss you, kiss him first, its the hottest thing you could do for him at that point.

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Be friendly with him, smile a lot. Do a little flirting with him. Casually touch his arm for a moment or two when you are talking with him. Dress to highlight your best features. Be in a situation where a kiss is expected. At the end of a date, after a graduation or awards banquet (the old congratulations kiss), sitting on a bench at the park after a nice walk.

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