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i think you mean the domino effect i think you mean the domino effect

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Q: What is the idea that allows communist aggressors to take over one country and will encourage them to take over other nations is called?
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Why didn't Russia join the League of Nations?

They were a communist country and hated Britain & France.

Who should stop the aggressors according to haile selassie?

Haile Selassie Emperor of Ethiopia believed that the league of Nations should stop the aggressors in Northern Africa

Why do the communist nations have a coalition against Israel?

They don't - there are no communist nations.

What was the reason for creating the united nations security?

to deal with the aggressors with negotiations and peaceType your answer here...

Can there ever be any communist nations?

No, there can never be any Communist nations in the world, because not a single world leader has the true, and right , capabilities to start and actually run a true Communist nation. An example of a Communist nation: any country in the world that is run by a leader who has the right knowledge of the Communist theory and acts said knowledge the way Karl Marx believed in his ideas. Otherwise, THERE ARE NO REAL/EXISTING COMMUNIST NATIONS ON THIS DYING BALL OF MOLTEN METAL.

Which country experienced widespread ethnic conflict following the collapse of its Communist regime?

Yugoslavia was the country that experienced ethnic conflict. The country was divided into 7 different nations.

What did the Truman doctine say?

that the US would practice containment against communism

Is European countries communist?

Europe is not a country. It is continent composed of 51 nations. Of its 51 nations, not one is considered to be communist although the majority of Eastern Europe from post-WWII until the 1990s was communist. However, currently Cyprus and the Ukraine have Communist Parties in power (although not complete power). Moldova was also led by the Communist Party until 2009. Portugal's constitution also contains Marxist (Communist) ideas, although not considered a communist state.

What group did the soviet union form that protected the communist nations?

The defensive alliance of communist nations was called the Warsaw Pact.

What do you mean by It was a struggle between Democracy and Communism?

The cold war was a struggle between Communist Nations and NON-Communist Nations.

List three nations during the cold war that were divided into communist and noncommunist parts?

Three nations divided into communist and non-communist were Germany, Korea and Vietnam(until it became completely communist)

Why was the communist takeover in China of concern to Western nations?

As a communist nation, China became part of the global communist alliance lead by the USSR. Western nations were in conflict with the communist bloc during the Cold War.