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Conservation of Energy.

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Who said matter cannot be created nor destroyed?

The idea that matter cannot be created or destroyed is known as the conservation of mass. It was discovered by Antoine Lavoisier.

What is energy concervation?

Energy Conservation is the idea that energy is a constant and cannot be created or destroyed. This idea is useful in establishing force laws like newton's 3 laws. When Energy is conserved the forces sum to zero, or net forces is zero.

What is the scientfic theory?

No idea because there are so many but I'm gonna go with the first law of physics: Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

What is the idea behind conservation of mass?

Matter cannot be created nor destroyed. Matter, or mass, can only change form into other substances or energy.

What law states that matter can not be created or destroyed in ordinary chemical changes?

The law of conservation of matter states that matter cannot be created or destroyed in an ordinary chemical reaction.

What does it means the energy cannot be created or destroyed?

It's a really good question!That idea comes from the First law of Thermodynamics and the Law of Energy Conservation. "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred or transformed."Well, to be precise, you can't create energy from no where. Also, you can't just make it vanish into no where. It's gotta come from somewhere and go to somewhere. Same with the idea that, 'Only from life arises life.' As you know everything happens in a cycle.Let's take for instance, you can't create heat, but you can change light energy or sound energy from fire or star into heat energy(It is transformed not created). Also, as the second Law of Thermodynamic states, "Energy will only move from area of less energy to area of more energy." Which means that it's the law of Distribution. So, the heat is not destroyed or vanish into nowhere, it just distribute into area with less heat, so to speak (it is transferred and not destroyed).

What is the big idea of energy transfer in elementary science?

Energy can be transferred between objects, and can change its form.However, energy is neither created nor destroyed.(Law of Conservation of Energy)

Which is a big idea of physical science?

Energy can be transferred but it can never be destroyed.

Which description best matches democritus's idea of the atom?

a particle that cannot be divided or destroyed

Can you put less work in than is put out?

Never, that would lead to things like perpetual motion machines which, whilst a nice idea, are impossible due to the conservation of energy rule - energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred. The factors which reduce output include internal friction, and heat or light energy being emitted.

What is the most important idea of the law conversation of energy?

The most important idea of the law of conservation of energy is that however and how much it is spent, energy is not lost nor destroyed, but only changes form.

Did Einstein say energy can neither be created or destroyed?

Not really. The idea of "Conservation of Energy" developed gradually over time, with more and more of types of energy (that is, what we now understand to be different types of energy) being recognized as such, and with the understanding that, for example, a specific amount of mechanical energy is always converted to a specific amount of heat energy.

What is meant by the conversion of mass in a reaction?

the conversion of mass in a reaction was first proposed by Einstein and now an established fact. Putting it simply, mass=a lot of energy and the opposite is also true. So during reactions, there can be change in total mass of the reactants. However, this mass is only converted into energy(heat or light or watever) but not completely lost. So it is in syn with the idea that energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

Topic applied to the law of conservation of mass?

The law of conservation of mass states that in a chemical or physical change, mass can neither be created nor destroyed. There is a similar law of conservation of energy, stating that energy can neither be created or destroyed. However, as a result of Einstein's theoery recognizing the relationship between matter and energy, (i.e. that matter is energy and vice versa) the new Law of Conservation of Mattergy is discussed as the idea that in a chemical or physical change, mass can be lost as it is converted into energy, but their exists a constant comprised of the quantity of matter and energy within a system.

How much energy does the wind turbines make?

Law of physics . . . energy cannot be made, and for that matter, cannot be destroyed. The only thing that you can really do with energy is to change it into a different form. So, wind generators turn energy in the wind into energy in the form of electricity and a bit of heat. Power output is how wind generators are measured. Power size gives us an idea of how much work can be done by the electrical energy that wind generator put out. Wind generators come in many sizes (of power), from 'backyard' to huge wind farm sizes.

Who proposed that all atoms cannot be divided or destroyed and that atoms of the same element are exactly the same?

Democritus the greek philosopher originally came up with the idea of the atom but Dalton developed this and it was his work that got the idea accepted.

What parts of Hinduism did Buddha accept?

idea of reincarnation, cyclical or respective, view of history, where the world is created and destroyed over and over again.

Can straw be spun into gold?

Straw cannot be spun into gold. The whole alchemy idea is completely false; gold cannot be created from other elements.

What percentage of the US energy is created from hyrdoelectricity?

almost 3 percent have no idea how much is covered

What is the Big Idea of Energy Transfer?

The big idea of energy transfer is the idea of a source of energy being changed into another form of energy such as light energy to heat energy. This effect happens in global warming where chemical energy is transferred into heat energy with a greenhouse effect.

In a chemical reaction matter and mass are conserved a atoms are neither created or destroyed wright or wrong?

Wrong. Matter can be destroyed and turned into energy through antimatter collision. Energy can also just as easily be turned into mass, as well. Just to give an idea on how powerful it is: .5 grams of matter +.5 grams of antimatter= complete mass to energy conversion in the form of an explosion large enough to take out new york STATE. Lets say you were made of antimatter. the moment you come in contact with the air, you would create an explosion capable of vaporizing the planet twice. Also, burning wood(which is a chemical reaction) creates heat, which is energy. If energy comes form any reaction, matter, however slight it may be, is destroyed.

When was Idea Records created?

Idea Records was created in 1998.

When was Fiat Idea created?

Fiat Idea was created in 2003.

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