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Anywhere between 97-127 pounds.

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What year did cooper play for Ole Miss?

what year did copper play for ole miss

What year did the grand ole opry open?

the grand ole opry first opened in 1925 but then it was only a radio act.

What year did it go on tv the grand ole opry?


What year did the grand ole opry go on tv?


What year did ole red by Blake Shelton come out?


When was Loving You - Ole Ole Ole - created?

Loving You - Ole Ole Ole - was created on 2001-10-15.

What year was Carrie Underwood inducted into the Grand Ole Opry?


Is there a commercial with the tune ole ole ole ole?


Who sang ole ole ole first?

Mansoor Ahmed

How was LEGO created?

Lego was created by Ole Kirk Christiansen in the year 1940.

How does the presence of the hydrilla plant benefit the underwater aquatic animals which do not feed in?

OLE OLE OLE OLE shameless

How do you pronounce Ole Solskjaer?

ole (like ole in spanish) sole-scar

What does Ole mean in Ole Miss?

"Ole" is slang for "old", see discussion.

Is it ole or old miss?


Who plays in the Cotton Bowl game?

This year its Ole Miss vs Texas Tech

What year did George Jones first join the Grand Ole Opry?

August 1956

What year was Peyton Manning drafted to the university of Mississippi?

He wasn't. Peyton didn't go to ole miss, he went to Tennessee. If you ment eli manning, then he went to ole miss in 1999.

What is the birth name of Ole Moe?

Ole Moe's birth name is Ole Pedersen Moe.

What is the birth name of Ole Bornedal?

Ole Bornedal's birth name is Hans Ole Bornedal.

What is the birth name of Ole Ernst?

Ole Ernst's birth name is Ole Ernst Pedersen.

What is the birth name of Ole Hartling?

Ole Hartling's birth name is Ole Johannes Hartling.

What is the birth name of Ole John?

Ole John's birth name is Ole John Poulsen.

What is the contribution of Ole Roemer to physics?

The Danish astronomer Ole Christensen Rømer made the first quantitative measurement of the speed of light in the year 1676. A link can be found below for more information.

What is the birth name of Ole Sohn?

Ole Sohn's birth name is Ole Christian Liep Sohn.

What nicknames does Ole von Beust go by?

Ole von Beust goes by Ole von Beust.

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